4 Steps To Relieve Back Pain

Numbness or Muscle Weakness – This could be experienced along the nerve pathway in the leg or foot. You could experience pain in one part of the leg and numbness in another.

There has been a lot of talk lately about spinal decompression. Although there is still some questions and controversy, there does seems to be evidence that spinal decompression could be an effective solution for a slipped disc.

Actually it’s not surprising because we’ve reached the point in modern medicine where most of the treatments for most of the common body system dysfunctions are palliative. The common treatment for back pain is just as useless as the common treatment for headaches, high blood pressure, high blood sugar, reflux… you name it. Pills to mask symptoms! It makes you wonder why people go to doctors at all if that’s the level of treatment the can expect.

Here is a good stretching exercise called “The Skier”: Stand with your legs 3 feet apart. Raise your arms over your head as high as you can. Now bend forward pushing your arms through your legs. Rest for 5 seconds, then straighten up. Do 6 repetitions every day before you do to bed.

If you don’t have, what I call, PASSIVE PATIENT ACQUISITION TECHNIQUES – promotional techniques that will automatically drive new patients to your clinic without needing to actively get them (which is the main topic of my next blog! Here is a major technique… ALL chiros need powerful chiropractic websites.


A sore neck can feel worse if your muscles are tense, which can be caused by stress. Exercise can help to reduce stress, and even walking can loosen the neck muscles and can alleviate the pain.

Hiatus hernia is a kind of hernia in which the higher part of the abdomen has been forced up by way of a hole in the diaphragm. This could have occurred for the duration of birth or by way of hefty lifting or pregnancy. It will trigger heartburn and pain and because it pinches the vagus nerve, it may possibly cause reduced acid production. In most circumstances a kinesiologist or a Culver City Custom Orthotics (click the next page) can push down the abdomen.

Disembarkment syndrome is a type of vertigo which can happen to a person who is on a boat or on airplane. Usually, you might feel dizzy after a plane trip or a cruise; it goes off after some minutes or hours.