Probably the single biggest mistake I see new marketers make online is attempting to target too broad of market. The concept of “niche” is not well defined in their mind. There marketing perspective is based upon their experiences with respect to the television, radio, and newspaper advertising they have been exposed to.

Avoid sales pages where they show the silly things like the corporate jet. This is a huge red flag that you are just being taken by a “get rich quick” merchant. Chances are, the material they share with you will just be a bunch of re-hashed garbage, and probably just based on theory. These types of merchants aren’t really interested in helping you. They just want your money!

If you are new to internet marketing and making money earn online with work from home online businesses, you may have already learned the hard lesson about your up line or person you joined, going MIA (missing in action) or as they are often said, to have gone into witness protection. This is not a joke, and it happens continuously everyday. They may also be very inexperienced or new to online businesses themselves. Now you are left on your own to fend for yourself. This is a good thing in a way. Why do I say this? Now you know what to avoid in the future and you can move on to bigger and better things.

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The second tip I learned that first week I joined, was to run my keywords through Microsoft’s Audience Intelligence site – which gives you the “Commercial Intention” of those searching for that keyword. In other words it will give you an idea of how likely it is that someone searching using that keyword, is to actually make a purchase of anything. This means that you can choose the specific keywords that are used by the people most likely to buy! Absolutely Brilliant!


The second way is what l refer to as “online marketing”. It’s all about creating products to sell online. You can never imagine how many buyers patronize online market place on daily basis. The best way to become rich is to create value in other people’s lives. Therefore, look for solutions to people’s problems, or better still, ask yourself these questions “What do l love to do most”. What am l most passionate about? If l were to wake up in the morning and chose to do one thing, what would that be? How can l benefit my self and others? Etc. This is turning problems into opportunities.

How many people do you think will pre-order tickets for your Internet marketing seminar? How many people do you think will buy tickets on the day itself? How many people can your venue accommodate? How much do you think you’re going to spend for initial costs? You need to learn how to work with estimates when planning for your Internet marketing seminar. You need to get used to making decisions without being in complete possession of facts. If you can’t do this then you’ll find yourself unable to make even the smallest decision during the planning stages.

Most of all when trying to come up with ideas for your online marketing business, do not strive for quality ideas, strive for quantity. As the saying goes, The More, The Better!