A large school of Black and white Snapper came in to the reef gathering in the shallows of a deep recess in the wall, changing from white to black to disappear within the growing shadows. Plenty of sharks around, spotting at least four out in the blue and below us, with a large contingent of Barracuda loitering in the shallows. An afternoon dive along the Western wall provided the opportunity for some creative photography with the late afternoon sunlight providing rich colours and strong shadows around the soft and hard corals.

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What if Diego Costas hamstrings and temperament cost him games – very plausibly – and Radamel Falcao is no sharper than he was last season? Club-by-club guide to the 2015-16 season Even pairing Gary Cahill and John Stones would not be the same. What if John Terrys age catches up with his body? Leigh Griffiths (Celtic) How good is Griffiths? Flat-track bully, or natural goalscorer? The 24-year-old has always scored but has still to convince he can be a consistent threat against better teams.

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The chopper emits a high pitched whine to herd the animal to an accessible spot in the four or five minutes before the cocktail of drugs shot into its backside knocks it out. In a clearing, where game wardens and gun-toting members of the anti-poaching unit are waiting, the crackle over the radio is that its a bulls eye. The vet gets his shot away as the rhino charges through the trees and scrub. As the sun arose over a calm sea Cameraman Brian thingy and myself were allowed to accompany the ‘Lone Ranger’ onto the island to take photographs and video (Normally not allowed).

Halfway along the beach the nest pits become dense, and give the landscape a cratered appearance. There were signs of human footprints too and digging around several pits meant that fisherman had been steeling the eggs. The birdlife on Zabargad is prolific, at least six species of sea birds nest here plus Osprey, Falcon and Swallow. Standing on the very top of Zabargad’s peak gives an overview of the islands geological origins and incredible panaramas of the hills, bays and unspoiled lagoons; a real privilege.

On this beach alone were 386 nest pits! This mile long white sandy beach is one the Red Seas major Turtle Factories, and it wasn’t long before we came across fresh tracks leading from the sea across the sand into the beaches interior and one of the nest pits.

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