Are you sure about keywords? I Think $$$

Killer keywords are the perfect way to dominate the search engines. Killer keywords are groups of words that people use to search on Google, Bing, Yahoo! Search and other search engines.

If you have a website and you want a constant stream of search engine traffic coming to it every day then you need to use SEO (Search Engine Optimization) techniques. Using killer keywords is a must.

Here’s how to use killer keywords properly:

Let’s say you have a website where you sell dog food. Your killer keywords for the main page of the website will be “dog food”, “buy dog food”, “cheap dog food” etc. Choose 2-3 killer keywords related to your site and spread them through out the text of the page and especially in the title of the page and in the titles of the articles you write. If you don’t use these killer keywords extensively, the search engines will have no reason to rank you high for these terms.

Here are the main benefits of using killer keywords on your website:

#1: Focused and targeted traffic.

On the Internet, the biggest challenge is not to get traffic but rather to get targeted traffic. Search engines deliver by default this type of targeted traffic. When people search for information related to your site, they are actively looking for a solution. They are in “finding information mode” which is very similar to “buy the solution mode”.

It’s much easier to sell to someone who already has the desire than to try to convince them. It’s easier to fulfill their desire by letting them buy your product than to make them create a new desire.

Killer keywords are the main way to get the following benefits which will lead to more sales:

#2: Instant authority boost.

I read a study where it said that college students trust more the quality of the first result returned by Google than all the other websites on the same topic. When they browse that specific site, they tend to trust more what they read and to buy more as a result.

Humans are natural followers. So, if your visitors perceive you as an authority in your niche, they are more likely to buy from you than from your competition. Ranking number 1 on Google by using killer keywords is one way to create this authority aura for yourself.

#3: Passive income potential.

Once you rank number 1 on the first page of your main keywords, the results will be relatively easy to maintain. What you are left with is tweaking your marketing copy and sending products to your customers because a constant stream of daily traffic is almost guaranteed. Using killer keywords make all of these possible.

#4: More specific and targeted content for the user.

Specific and targeted content is best for the users and in turn for the search engines. Google wants to deliver the best results to their users. Write targeted content by using killer keywords and you will rank higher guaranteed. Killer keywords are again the answer.

The key is to write with the user in mind. You don’t need to worry that much about search engines. Write for your users and simply include killer keywords throughout the text to please the search engines as well. Remember: killer keywords are a must. Use them!

What keyword would u use… Right $$$