Basket Ball is fun? Yea right $$$

To learn how to play 8 Ball Online, you must start from the basics of understanding the concept and the rules of the game. 8 Ball Games is a good beginners game that is both fun and challenging at the same time.

Generally, the game involves 15 balls, 7 of them are stripes and another 7 are solid colored balls. They are numbered with the first being from 1to 7 which are to be shot into the pocket by the first player using the cue stick. The challenging player must knock the other remaining balls numbered 9 to 15 into the pocket. Whoever can drop all their balls into the pocket first and then knock in the 8th ball will win the game.

You start the game back racking and lining up all 15 balls on the table with the triangle. One of the players will then break the shot at the beginning of the game with the idea to knock atlas one ball in the pocket.

It is good practice to chalk your cue stick prior to taking a shot. It helps with preventing a slip when you shoot your target ball. It is a good idea to learn how to plan your shots prior to shooting, this is key to being successful in the game. Its not a good idea just to randomly shoot, you must think of a plan and try to position your shots accurately so that you can set up your next shot. This is a strategic challenge that is involved in playing 8 Ball Games.

To gain more experience and increase your skill level it might be a good idea to practice playing 8 Ball Online as the games are available at your connivence and they very closely follow the guidelines of the real thing. The experience and skill involved is very similar so once you get all the rules and concepts straightened out, you can take that to the pool table and impress your friends.