Can You Make Money Blogging? Yea Right $

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If you want to Make Money Blogging then you have come to the right place! Studies show that there a few billion buyers out in the marketplace and maybe just 200,000 online marketers. Those stats look very promising for anybody thinking about earning an income online. So where do I start? I have compiled data from a number of sites and here is my checklist! Please note that this is a very brief guide and you may have to look up other sites.

1. BUILD A BLOG I will build my website from Blogger. Wait a minute! People say that Blogger does not look as professional or as good as a self-hosted WordPress blog? You may opt for a Web 2.0 site if you wish but with Blogger you get a free service with a top notch system that even computer-illiterates can master.

2. NICHE MARKET What would you like to do to earn a living? It has to be something you truly love say like top golfer Tiger Woods who makes over $100 million a year! If you play and love golf your blog could be all about golf.
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3. GOOD CONTENT The better the quality the better your chances of gaining regular readers! And yes, search engines love original articles.

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4. MONETIZATION Begin with Google AdSense. Sign up for AdSense and you can put advertisements in your blog.

5. GET TRAFFIC Yes, until you get tons of visitors a day I’m afraid the money is not going to come in. You will now drive free traffic to your site. And that itself is another subject. Make Money Blogging will be a reality for you soon.
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If you have followed the above mentioned then you are on the mark. That was the easy part. Experiment around your blog especially try adding or removing gadgets in the Blogger customize page. Make Money Blogging will soon be a reality for you!

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A lot of people keep asking us how to make money blogging on the internet. its easy to do and in most cases will not require any programming skills or HTML knowledge.

The two big blog service providers are Blogger (a Google company) and WordPress. Both are free to use and easy for anybody to make money as a blogger other than Google owns Blogger and studies shown WordPress attracts more visitors from major search engines.

If you want to know how to make money blogging, you have to know a proven platform for your money making blog. You must allow your visitors several options for them to obtain a product or service.

The best way to make money blogging is to utilize affiliate programs offered by ClickBank, Amazon and Google on your blog due to the fact that there is no cost to join their programs and you don?t have to have an expensive merchant account for secure payments. The affiliate programs place orders, ship the product and handle charger backs. You can make up to seventy five percent of each sale for doing almost nothing.

One of the things that turn most people away from blogging for money is the fact that blogs should be updated daily with new content to attract the attention of search engines and get you on their first page when users search for the items you are offering. Most people don?t think they will be able to dream up and produce enough content on their money making blog. There is a way to make money blogging without writing anything and supplying new content every day for whatever niche product you choose. Search engines will eat this up like candy and permit your blog to make money rapidly and easily. This will allow you to make money blogging automatically 24/7 without writing one word of text, just set it and forget it.


Imagine receiving money each month from top industry leaders and creating a steady stream of money with very little effort on your part using your blog that took you less than 30 minutes to design. Many of the top marketers today have discovered the blogging secret and put it to work to create financial abundance but most of them will never reveal their secret to you.

Want to learn how to make money blogging with no expense on their part?

The two things that will allow you to create money making blogs on any subject you want and you can do this time and again. Once you set up your first money making blog you will find the procedure to be fun and won?t believe how easy it is. You will be able to crank out blog after blog without anything about the niche you selected and you will be respected as an expert in that field all without typing a single word.

Step 1: Select a low cost reliable web host that offers a Cpanel interface.

Step 2: Find a blogging software package that uses WordPress and allows you to embed affiliate links into the matching key words you select within the content of your blog. It’s simple, and that?s how to make money blogging using the internet.

I almost forgot the last step, spending the money. Do you want to make money as an internet blogger? Discover how to make money blogging

Many people are interested in making money and earning an income from blogging. While it is true that some bloggers are working full time and making a very good living from blogging, this doesn’t mean that everybody can do it. So could you make a living from your blog?

The secret to standing a chance of making it happen for you is to look to the long term. No matter how successful you end up being as a blogger there is no way you can expect to earn a six-figure sum from your blog in a matter of months. If you start looking into the backgrounds and experiences of the most successful internet bloggers, you will find they have been doing it for years. It was never easy for them in the beginning either, they have had to persevere and keep on pushing for success in order to achieve a large following.

To boil it down to its basics you need two things in order to make money from a blog. You need a huge volume of traffic visiting your blog on a daily basis and you also need to have various ways of monetising your blog. For example, Google Adsense is the most well known of these, but there are plenty of other ways you can do it. Selling display ads and writing paid reviews for people who want their product promoted and written about are just two examples; there are plenty more as well.

But it is not enough to assume that lots of traffic and some Google ad blocks combined are going to be enough to bring in a huge income. Much also depends on the topic you have chosen for your blog and where that traffic comes from. Not all traffic is the same and while some people can visit your blog and do little while they are there, others will stay and click on some of the ads they are interested in.

The real secret to making money with any blog is finding a topic that can be commercialised and perseverance. Those who give up their day job in order to become a blogger may have a nasty surprise waiting for them down the road. There is no one blueprint you can follow to assure you of success here, you have to work for it and the success will come eventually if you have the skill sets required. For example, you might make a reasonable income from your blog after a few months or it might take years to do it. Even then a reasonable income may not be enough to live on for the first couple of years anyway.

However, don’t let this put you off to any extent. The sooner you start that blog you have in mind the sooner you will find out how much it could earn you. In time you may be a full time blogger, but you need to be determined enough to recognize that you need patience to negotiate that learning curve and perseverance to build up a large enough following to start earning money from it.

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