Cherry satisfies the hunger and purifies the blood. (video)

Did you know that oxygen can harm you? That?s right, oxygen is required to live, while at the same time can be responsible for free radicals. A free radical are unstable oxygen molecules that have lost an oxygen molecule that attack healthy cells to get it back. Free radicals have been associated with heart disease and the effect of aging.

Thanks to food technology, we know understand how antioxidant rich foods help to keep us healthy. Fortunately, antioxidants, from food and antioxidant-rich foods deactivate these dangerous molecules. Countless studies have shown that maintaining a high antioxidant defense helps to strengthen the immune system, protect vital organs in the body and helps to slow the aging process.

Free radicals begin to win the battle against the body and can cause oxidative stress associated with disease. This happens when the radicals outpace the antioxidants. So how can you defend yourself?

Eating antioxidant rich foods are vital to your health. A complex lab procedure called Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity or ORAC measures the antioxidant capacity of food. ORAC unit ranking measures how many oxygen radicals a food can absorb and deactivate (Ou 2001).

How to Make Cherry Juice

Research indicates, the higher the ORAC score, the better the food may be able in assisting the body in fighting disease and slow the aging process. Nutrition experts recommend individuals consume 3,000 ? 5,000 ORAC units a day to reach beneficial antioxidant capacity in the blood. Just 100 grams (3 oz.) of Montmorency cherry juice concentrate contains over 12,000 ORAC units. Just 1 oz. (daily recommended amount) of the Montmorency cherry juice concentrate delivers over 4,000 ORAC units, well within the daily ORAC unit recommendations.

While finding Montmorency cherry juice concentrate can be a challenge, here are a few sources for cherries and cherry juice concentrate to get you started. If you enjoy eating fresh cherries with your morning meal, you can find fresh cherries while in season from Rohne Family Farm in Utah. They can deliver fresh cherries to you during the summer harvest. A reliable source for the Montmorency cherry juice concentrate is Traverse Bay Farms, based out of Michigan. The company offers cherry juice in glass bottles so you don?t have to worry about plastic molecules leaching back into the product from the bottle itself. The company also offers free shipping for the cherry juice concentrate.

So the next time you are looking to help your body fight the damages of radicals and want to enjoy a glass of great tasting juice, drink a glass of cherry juice.

Download a free copy of the Tart Cherry Health Report at Traverse Bay Farms. Free copy of the book explains about the cherry juice health benefits of the tart cherry and dried cherries.

It doesn’t matter how active your lifestyle or no matter what your
age is, remaining in leading shape is important to not only conquering
your life but to pushing yourself to enjoying your life.
So finding
the edge is essential. One solution a lot of baby-boomers of all ages
are turning to tart cherry juice. The reasons are easy: proven and
published scientific study and best of all it’s 100% pure.

Research from a study published from the Oregon Health and Science University,
participants in the investigation research demonstrated that those who
consumed tart cherry juice while training reported much less
discomfort after their physical exercise than those participants that
didn’t drink the juice.

The study was done on sixty healthy adults
ranging in age 18-50 years of age. The research group was separated in
half. The 1st group consumed 10.five ounces of the cherry juice twice a
day for a period of seven days.
While the second group merely drank a
fruit juice beverage. Each group enjoyed their respective juices and
the group that drank the cherry juice indicated a two point lower
discomfort level at the completion of a race. This discomfort level was
conducted on a one to 10 discomfort scale and the 2 point distinction is
clinically considerable.

According to Mr. John Johnson, a weekend
athlete and personal trainer, “I initially discovered tart cherry juice
from another member of my run club. She said, she had been drinking
cherry juice for a little while and told us the very same outcomes as
the published study. I began drinking some and right after hearing this
from her anda short time my discomfort level also declined too. I
discover myself running longer and having no discomfort after my run.”

Mr. Saunders went on to tell me, in addition to drinking the juice, I
also take the Fruit Advantage tart cherry capsules with my when I
travel. They are effortless to carry with me and I don’t have to worry
about spilling anything.”

In addition, Beatice Miller also shared
with me that her joint pain was gone soon after drinking the juice, too.
Mrs. Miller does not jog daily, but she does have 3 grandchildren to

How to Make Tart Cherry Juice

So Why is this Tangy Drink So Unique?

Scientists think this fruit is a natural anti-inflammatory fruit thanks
to the presence of Anthocyanins in the fruit. Basically the,
Anthocyanins are natural NSAIDS.
However, since Anthocyanins are
naturally occurring in the cherry, you may be able to avoid the negative
side effects of NSAIDS by consuming a entire food source such as tart
cherries. This fruit assists to soothe muscle soreness and arthritis

So the next time you searching for an all natural,
whole food alternative to fight pain, take into consideration drinking
the red-hued juice.
When choosing this juice, make positive to only
buy the juice that is 100% juice. Sadly, some corporations are blending
tart cherry with apple juice. By mixing cherry with an additional juice
to make a final product this dilutes the drink to less than a 100% pure
cherry drink.
Make certain to check the label or read the webpage
carefully before you obtain the final product to be sure you are
purchasing 100% cherry juice concentrate or not a item that is mixed
with apple and other juices and calling themselves a pure “cherry

The writer continuously studies wellness difficulties then
blogs on the findings so that you are maybe a lot more knowledgeable of
the facts. Thus, you are much better informed to make an informed
decision on your choice of self-therapy and natural cure. Keep in mind
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