Everyone wants to make more money than they are making now. Whether its to pay off those college loans, buy a house, get extra income on top of current job, or any other reason that you can come up with to make some extra dough. I have put together a top five list of ways to make money online.

A big part of internet marketing is building mutually beneficial relationships. If you have some valuable knowledge, share this with your readers and ask for nothing in return. If you have a way with words and funny antic dotes, make them laugh. The retail transactions take a back seat to personal interaction and honest communication. You want the people on your list to regard you as a friend, and you want them to see you as a leader.

Having a daily routine is what makes most of us feel secure, but that same routine day in and day out can also make our creativity go dead. In order to continually create great ideas for our online marketing business we need to change our routine. Start walking to the store, move your desk in a different location, go outside in the fresh air and jot your notes down. Even if it is just one little thing you change in your routine, you may be surprised on how your creativity will flourish again.

Once your website has enough content you will need to promote it. Take time in finding which method is suited for you. You can use pay-per-click engines, search engine marketing company organic search results. Each method have its own pros and cons.

I know it’s work because it’s the work I do! I am the mentor for the some of the most super-successful websites/internet explorer business people on the planet. I’m the behind-the-scene the guy, helping “little” businesses that are generating $5,000.00 to $10,000.00 a month and “big” businesses with annual revenue figures of $1,000,000.00 and MORE.

Learning to blog is pretty easy when you know what to do. The proper training can have your blog up in minutes and starting to reach people from all over the globe the same day. There are secrets to making blogging as effective and active as possible that anyone can learn for next to nothing as an investment. Investing in the proper training will avoid wasting your time and turn any part time artist or hobbyist into a full time online money maker.