Cook Rice

Following a gluten free diet can seem difficult at first. How do
you replace wheat? Rice is probably one of the best answers. Why rice?
Because it is a staple food throughout a large geographical area, and it
is the mainstay for many cultures.

There is no shortage of ideas on how to create fantastic and varied gluten-free meal
ideas with rice! Japan, southern China, Korea, Indonesia, Malaysia,
Thailand, Burma, south India are examples of countries that use rice as
their mainstay. These are countries where you can live an almost perfect
gluten-free diet without even trying.

Notice: I said “almost
perfectly gluten-free”.” There are small amounts of wheat in some of the
cooking, found in soy sauce for example. If you have a gluten allergy
or wheat allergy, the amount of wheat in soy sauce and other minor
ingredients may not be enough to affect you. If you are celiac however,
this may present a problem. But with so many cultures, geographical
areas and cooking styles following a rice-based diet, you can simply
choose a different country, India for example, where they do not use soy
sauce and where you can eat rice that is dependably gluten-free.

At home, you can easily modify Chinese and Thai rice-based recopies to
either exclude soy sauce (not recommended) or simply cook with
gluten-free soy sauce.

Rice is a remarkably versatile food. It can be made into a main course or a
desert, the flour can be used for baking, and there are some types of
gluten free beer that are made with rice. Rice does have limitations. It
is not so easy to make bread with it, although it can be mixed with
other flours and xanthan gum to create a loaf.

Using rice four in baking produces excellent results, but goes stale quite quickly. You
don’t have to use rice for everything, but you can certainly base most
of your cooking on it, and eat your yummy gluten-free baking quickly
before it can go stale.

By seeking out rice-based recipes, you can follow a tasty and nutritious gluten-free diet with ease.

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