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How to drop twenty Lbs in a couple weeks is a tricky request. To acheive it you will need to hit just the right balance of eating habits, working out, and sleep. Right now we?re going to discuss how Asian Women seem to drop bodyweight so quickly, including after having a baby, and ways you can utilize these same tricks and tips to get skinny fast.

How To Drop 20 Lbs In Fourteen Days

The very first thing I recommend to my clients about shedding so much weight in so short a timeframe is to be sure to Listen to your system along the way.

If you feel pain, discomfort, lightheadedness, or other unusual symptoms, I want you to stop the program and see if you return to normal. You have to be careful because everyone is different and you don?t want to push yourself past your own capabilities!

Now let?s go through some basics:

1) Eliminate carbohydrates ? Carbohydrates are your worst foe if you?re attempting to lose 20 pounds in just 14 days, mainly due to the fact they cause water retention, prevent fat deposits from being used up as energy, and force your insulin levels higher than they should be (which also limits weight-loss).

Cut out the carbs right away, especially ?white? carbs like bread, pasta, rice, etc. You?re on a time limit so get serious for me. No sweets! Make your diet program consist of as much protein as possible, like tofu, fish, chicken, and lean meat. You?ll feel more full for a longer period of time, trust me.

2) Forget about sugar ? Not surprisingly sugar is a dilemma on a diet where we?re wanting to lose 20 pounds in fourteen days. It?s a simple carbohydrate, and even worse, it?s commonly made from high-fructose-corn-syrup, which is a big no-no.

Steer clear of sugar by having diet drinks that have the natural leaf product ?Stevia?. Stevia is an Asian secret we?ve employed for years to get thin and it tastes as good as sugar but contains NO calories.

Could Oil Still Drop To $20?3) More water ? You hear it all the time but you will need to drink more water if you?re going to lose weight quickly. The reason is due again to water retention. If you?re not getting enough water on a daily basis your body actually RETAINS more water and makes you look puffy/bloated.

Drink at least 6-8 glasses of water per day (8oz size) to ensure you?re not only not retaining water but are actually eradicating toxins out of your system appropriately.

4) Calories can?t go beyond 1000 per day ? You?re going to have to adhere to this one, essentially it?s the most important factor to making your objective. Count your calories and try not to go over 1000 total per day. Separate your meals into 4-5 seperate small snacks, that way you?ll rarely feel hungry. Make sure these mini-meals are 70% made up of protein, which can make you burn calories AND feel full with smaller portions.

If you do this right and get your timing down you?ll never feel cravings or hunger during the day, it truly does work.

5) Get a walk in ? Some activity is required to make your goal weight in time. I advise as much as possible, if you can do a few high-intensity cardio sessions per week, by all means go for it. If your time is more limited however instead try to get your a 30 minute walk in every day, immediately after one of your mini-meals.

Walking after eating can help your body digest the food in a more efficient manner, and it will keep your metabolic process humming along as you work towards your target weight.

It?s Not That Difficult, You Can Do It

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