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And maybe you’re readying your holiday email strategy, too. But if not, plan to spend a little time over the next few weeks getting your list ready for the big day. Why? Well, I’m always curious about email growth trends around this time of year, so I took a look at 118 billion emails sent through MailChimp in the last 3 years. I wanted to know when holiday volume starts, but I ended up finding something more interesting: Cyber Monday is going to be a big deal this year because of how late it falls on the calendar. Our own AdRoll platform data also shows a steady increase in click-through rates and view-through conversions from the start of December as consumers ramp up their online shopping and hunt down that pre-Christmas headphones cyber monday So are we looking to have our first Cyber Monday here in Australia? I’d say probably not in 2014; however, looking at the trends, I predict many Australian shoppers will be taking advantage of the sales from our US and UK counterparts this year and our version of Cyber Monday won’t be too far away. Unfortunately for FDR, Thanksgiving still falls very late in November every once in a while, which pushes big shopping days like Black Friday and Cyber Monday into December. And based on my research, we see dramatic upswings in email volume when that happens.


Let’s look at the data:This chart compares weekly volume to the average of the three previous weeks to get a growth rate. At 100%, growth remains steady as compared to the weeks before it. That giant peak on week 48 represents the Cyber Monday week. If you look at the exact dates Cyber Monday falls on, you’ll notice that years with more days between Cyber Monday and December have lower peaks, while years where Cyber Monday is actually in December have huge peaks. Is it because people are more likely to have holiday shopping on their minds on that later Monday? Or maybe it’s just easier to see the holiday finish line when Cyber Monday occurs in the final month of the year? These sites deliver updates, leaked ads, previews and tips starting in October. Some retailers are trying to beat the leaks by leaking ads themselves. So register with your favorite retailers too. Some are leaked scanned copies of the ads.


Others are typed lists with limited pictures. Don't rely completely on the leaked ads, until you see the actual ad in the Thanksgiving paper. Create a list of what you're looking for as soon as you can. This will help you stay focused as each new ad comes out. Take the list and compare it to each store's price on the specific items. Before we get to that, a quick history lesson: Sarah Josepha Hale, author of "Mary Had a Little Lamb," petitioned 5 United States presidents to make Thanksgiving a national holiday. In 1863 Abraham Lincoln finally agreed, setting the holiday on the last Thursday of every November. Franklin Delano Roosevelt later changed it to the fourth Thursday of the month, reasoning that an earlier holiday would provide economic stimulation at a much needed time. The Australian retail industry has been reinventing itself to incorporate digital channels. Up until now, as a nation we’ve preferred traditional brick and mortar stores to do our shopping. But online retail is steadily gaining pace in the Australian market.


What’s happening in Australian eCommerce: The World Internet Project reported 30% of Australians make an online purchase at least once a week. We’re a nation of bargain hunters, with almost 50% of Australians stating price as their motivation for online wireless black friday We know from the NAB Online Retail Sales In-depth Report that the number of Australians making purchases from overseas retailers online is growing at a faster pace than domestic e-commerce. So looking at the way online retail is growing, is Australia about to have its first Cyber Monday? The phrase “Cyber Monday” was first used in a Shop. press release in 2005 to describe a spike in online shopping on the last Monday in November (the Monday following Thanksgiving in the United States). In 2013 Cyber Monday spending reached $2.29 billion worldwide, up more than 20% from 2012. Regionally, we’re seeing retailers reacting to this shift in consumer behaviour to keep customer dollars local. Last December, the UK adopted their own version of Cyber Monday, affectionately known as “Clickmas.”


After experiencing similarly strong growth in online retail, many British retailers began ramping their online marketing efforts and offering additional sales throughout the holiday season to keep retail pounds local. The result? An impressive 18% growth in UK online sales year on year for December 2013. Australia is also capitalising on this trend. We’ve seen the development in recent years of groups like Click Frenzy, Australia’s first landmark national online sales event, which promotes a day of pre-Christmas online shopping in the last week of November. You'll be doing your own price matching and it will help you maintain sanity and your budget. Why? Because of the leaked versions are actually proofs that may have typos in pricing, limits or store amounts. Circle it then double check it with the actual ad you get that Thursday. By comparison, American consumers spent a total of $2.9 billion last year on Black Friday and Cyber Monday combined, the largest online sales days in the US. Alibaba's Singles' Day sales this year are expected to reach more than $8 billion, CNBC reports.