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A sleek, ATM-style kiosk now greets arrivals in the concrete block lobby of the St. Lucie County jail, its animated touch screens beckoning arrivals who may debit or charge their bond – the price the accused pays to walk free before standing trial – to a Visa or MasterCard. Those involved in this process are entering into a legally binding contract between the defendant, the party signing for the bond, the Bond Agent and the courts. Collateral is typically required on large bonds to ensure you will not skip the the case and head for Mexico. One of the most important exemplary mark of a great bail bonds company would be high accessibility.

When you sign a bail bonds contract you are first and foremost taking responsibility the defendant will go to court. These people are specialized and have in-depth knowledge of all legal complications in the field of issuance of bonds. The bail bonding system is basically an agreement where a family member or someone close to the defendant agrees to post money in exchange for freeing that individual from incarceration. The bail bond company at this point is assessing the risk involved in the bail bond. After the bail bond paperwork is finalized, a licensed agent will post” the bail bond at the appropriate Courts will result in the release of the defendant.

In most of these agreements, a ABC Bail Bonds Houston Alternative agent loans the family member or other person, known as the indemnitor, the amount of money needed to post bail, charging an additional percentage of the amount as a professional fee. Ellis Fernandez Danley, 43, of Orlando, and Adrion John Webb, 28, of Ocoee, entered a Laurinburg home on Beech Street with guns at their sides while looking for a person who had skipped bail in Florida, according to a Laurinburg police report. By involving family, friends, and possible collateral, the bail bond company can be reasonably assured that an individual released on bail bond will appear at their appointed court date.

Adam Camras, CEO, gave a presentation to a business-minded group of bail agents titled Succeeding Where Others Fail: Growing Your Bail Agency in Challenging Times.” During the talk, Camras discussed important topics such as professionalism, intelligent marketing strategies and operational efficiency. Costs: If you use a bail bond agent in Colorado, the fee (or premium) is 15 percent, or a $50 minimum.

If the defendant is located and arrested by the bail enforcement agent, the indemnitor is responsible for all expenses the bail enforcement agent has incurred while searching for the defendant. The topic of bail bonds Florida is often referenced when an individual pleads not guilty to a case and a trial date has to be set by the court. The bail agents in turn explain all the details about the bail bonds process and the court appearance date to the released individual. In addition, the bail agent may collect the bonding and booking fees charged by the jail. King Triton Bail Bonds offers these services in Escondido, Vista, and San Diego.

Some immigration bail bond companies lock you into a contract for a year or more, so even if the alien’s bond is canceled before its anniversary date, you may still have to pay a renewal premium. Once the bond is set, Bargain Bail Bonds will post a bail for you and you are released. This will secure your release from jail, and the full amount of the bail will be refunded when you appear for all of your court proceedings. For example, for a bail amount set at $20,000, the premium would be about $ $2,000 plus any additional fees required.

Once the bail bondsman is contacted and the amount has been determined, he/she will try to collect as much basic information as he/she can, concerning the case. If you post a cash bond your money can and will be used to pay all the court fees by Florida statute. The Gwinnett County Sheriff’s Department does not accept property bonds from out-of-state, nor will we prepare a property bond for another state.