Diane Von Furstenberg Heart 2 Luggage Review – Top Quality at a Low Price

it luggageIf you don’t know who Diane von Furstenberg is, she is a fashion designer who is very popular in the industry today.
When you loved this post and you would want to receive more information relating to it luggage reviewshttp://goo.gl, please visit the web site. And her specialty is manufacturing luggage for the common and specialized traveler. If you see the DVF acronym anywhere it luggage reviews on a set of luggage, then it is hers. DVF is Diane’s initials and you are likely to find them etched on the new luggage and suitcases displayed at the mall.

As far as respected luggage designers are concerned, quality comes first. And to create a luggage that can withstand the everyday wear and tear of traveling, the choice of material is crucial.
Diane von Furstenberg uses nylon twills in most of her designs. The result is not just a very durable luggage, but an exceptionally lightweight one too. This type of material for luggage ensures users of lesser luggage repairs and minimal purchases of repair parts anytime in the future.

And that only means more hassle-free travels for you.
One of DVF’s famous pieces is the Heart 2 luggage line. This one is usually available lightweight luggage in a four-piece set. These items are referred to as the Heart 2 product series primarily because of its color. It uses pink nylon twill and has a durable nickel finish. It may look simple from the outside.

But you can never underestimate its quality. Try it and you’ll never get disappointed with it.
This particular designer four-piece luggage set come with the standard business-size suitcase, two additional sizes, and one carry-on bag. All in all, the entire set is a good buy, not only for its appealing look but for its over-all functionality as well.

So the next time it luggage reviews you go out shopping for luggage, check out Diane von Furstenberg’s designer pieces. Then think of the qualities you want for your bag.
Would you prefer quality above all other features? Is durability very important for you? Do you want a bag oozing with sex appeal? Or do you want all of these in one neat package? If want everything, then the Diane von Furstenberg series of patented luggage designs might just be the one you need.