DMET: Directorate of Marine Engineering Training – The premier portal for marine education in Asia

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All seafarers proceed through rigorous training on shore before they join a ship. The pioneers in the field of Maritime education, DMET is asia handicraft shop (check here)’s one of many oldest and many reputed autonomous maritime research and training institute. The training includes both on shore and offshore experiences that assists seafarers to produce their sea legs could each goes for actual sailing. Seafarers are known around the world for his or her efficiency and quality and therefore are famous mainly because with their hardworking nature. It is only because with their excellent technical abilities and sheer hard work which has propelled them to the exact level they’ve reached today. By providing quality training and education, it has churned out among the best seafarers in the world and still does so. Directorate of Marine Engineering training (DMET), renamed as Marine engineering and Training Institute (MERI), will be the oldest and many reputed maritime school of India. Although she has very less variety of colleges offering marine education, still each college has maintained its prestige and reputation through utmost discipline and quality education. There are many such colleges in other regions worldwide including India, which is one of the leading seafaring nations. It is an ISO 9001: 2000 certified institute that provides B. Tech marine engineering degree. The institute comes with an affiliation with Jadavpur University in Calcutta, that offers the B. There are a couple of colleges and institutes providing first class maritime education and that we happen to be discussing about them including the South Shields Marine College. The Extra First’s Class Certificate was shop of asia basically provided by DOT, UK, which includes now been stopped. Today, only Director General of Shipping offers Extra first’s class engineer’s degree available as post graduate diploma in maritime operation and management. The institute is headed by among the best marine engineers who may have already served the area for some time of time. It has undergone several changes since its establishment in 1947 in Kolkata. Directorate of Marine Engineering Training is certainly one such institute which includes build and maintained its reputation over the long period of your time. All the respected marine engineers possess Extra First’s Class Engineer’s qualification, the highest certificate a marine engineer can get.


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