As our annual celebrations of gay pride approach, you could possibly give some thought to what pride means to you. I recently took part in an organization meeting of gay professionals who asked if there even was such a thing as gay pride, and if so, the thing that was it? Though we celebrate pride in group festivals and parades, what pride means to each individual can often be very personal.

Paddy Fitzpatrick, trainer of two-time boxing World Title challenger and current European champion George Groves, was telling me the story of how he helped former Heavyweight boxer Lamon Brewster to defeat Wladimir Klitschko and be the WBO Heavyweight Champion of the World (as well as the last man to ever defeat Klitschko).

However, this certainly will not at all times be the case. Individuals who are gay also needs to consider that their biggest obstacle from developing is themselves. It takes a particular kind of self-peace in order to muster in the inner strength to admit to yourself whom you actually are, without considering what the outside world could be thinking or how they would react. If one is to exhibit love for somebody else, same-sex or otherwise not, it is essential that he / she should be able to fully love and accept themselves first. There is no need to get frightened of showing your true desires, since it is exactly the expression of the true self and is also in any sort of way wrong or immoral.


Abbott, who’s running against Prime Minister Kevin Rudd, can be a favorite to win the election and is against legalizing gay marriage in Australia. He does have a very sister who is gay, but it doesn’t change his stance for the issue, rather than even Perry’s opposition of his views had a direct impact on the Abbott called ‘the fashion of the moment.’

The reason that we mentioned that Turkey was perhaps, an unusual candidate for gay holidays is a result of the fact that the nation is Muslim by religion. However, the gap is Turkey seems to have an acceptance towards gay community and is very forward thinking with regards to allowing the gay community to take pleasure from a restful visit to their country.

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