Fact file same-sex marriage around the world

AFP/File Filippo MonteforteMarchers brandish a pro-marriage banner through a pride parade on June 13, 2015, in Rome, with Italian general public opinion shifting decisively in favour of legally recognising same-sex couples after Ireland’s historic “Yes” referendum in May 2015PARIS (France) (AFP) – Slovenians on Sunday shut down efforts by their nationwide parliament to increase marriage rights to same-sex couples — the 2nd time they ve voted in a referendum versus changing the law.
The “no” vote in mostly Catholic Slovenia will come after Eire — also typically Catholic — in May became the 1st country on the globe to approve same-sex marriage in a referendum.
Gay marriage is at present legal in 18 countries, thirteen of them in Europe.
– Europe –
THE NETHERLANDS: In April 2001, the Netherlands became the 1st country to allow gay and lesbian couples to marry in a civil ceremony and adopt children.
BELGIUM: Same-sex marriage was produced legal in June 2003, but some limitations apply. Gay couples were allowed to adopt youngsters in 2006.
SPAIN: The country’s socialist governing administration made same-sex marriage legal in July 2005. Gay couples were also allowed to adopt, irrespective of their marital status.
NORWAY: All couples were put on the similar legal footing in January 2009 and allowed to marry, adopt and use assisted reproductive technologies.
SWEDEN: Same-sex couples were allowed to marry in civil or Lutheran Church ceremonies in May 2009. Adoptions for all happen to be legal given that 2003.
PORTUGAL: Same-sex marriage has been legal given that June 2010 but adoptions by gay people today are not.
ICELAND: Same-sex marriages were being legalised in June 2010, adoptions by gay people today in 2006.
DENMARK: Since June 2012, gays and lesbians happen to be allowed to marry in Lutheran Church ceremonies. Denmark was the very first country on the globe to legalise civil unions for gay and lesbian couples in 1989.
FRANCE: Same-sex marriage and adoptions by gay people today were legalised in May 2013.
ENGLAND AND WALES: A regulation authorising same-sex marriage was adopted in July 2013, followed by SCOTLAND in February 2014. British-controlled NORTHERN IRELAND remains deeply divided around the issue, and is particularly the only Portion of the Uk not to create the change.
LUXEMBOURG: Same-sex marriage was legalised in January 2015, and Prime Minister Xavier Bettel married his male companion in May 2015.
IRELAND: Marriage equality was authorised by referendum in May this year, becoming law in October.
FINLAND: Voted to equalize marriage laws in 2014, Together with the law set to arrive into influence in 2017.
SLOVENIA: Voters rejected same-sex marriages in a referendum on December 20, 2015, reversing a decision by their parliament in March to legalise it. A prior referendum around the issue in 2012 had also shipped a “no” vote.
– North The us –
CANADA: A regulation authorising same-sex marriage and adoptions entered into drive in July 2005.
UNITED STATES: A historic Supreme Court conclusion in June 2015 designed marriage equality nationwide.
MEXICO: Same-sex marriage is legal in five states, Together with the federal capital making the modify first in 2009.
– South The us –
ARGENTINA: In July 2010, Argentina became the 1st Latin American region to legalise same-sex marriage. Gay couples can also adopt.
URUGUAY: In April 2013, Uruguay became the 2nd Latin American region to approve same-sex marriage. It had legalised adoptions by same-sex couples in 2009.
BRAZIL: It has de facto authorised same-sex marriage since May 14, 2013, once the National Council of Justice ordered clerks to register all marriages pending the adoption of the law by parliament.
– Africa –
SOUTH AFRICA: In November 2006, it became the 1st African region to legalise same-sex civil partnerships or marriage, also allowing for gay couples to adopt.
– Asia-Pacific –
NEW ZEALAND: Marriage for same-sex couples was legalised in April 2013, around 27 decades after homosexuality was decriminalised while in the first this sort of decision while in the Asia-Pacific region.

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