Foot Calluses: Are they durable removable?

Calluses under the feet are common, annoying and often a source of great pain. Many people are easily cut, which is generally true. In this article, the procedure can actually be done for the treatment of corns on the feet, and dispel some of the myths surrounding them.

molluscum contagiosum factsCalluses on the bottom of the legs are made of a natural process, which is designed to protect the skin of the feet from excessive pressure. This high pressure can be obtained from various sources. Pressure from simply walking or standing on the ground, located in the shoes or not. shoe itself can also be an external pressure source, although this usually leads to corns appear on top of the foot (which is the same kind of the state of callus). The internal pressure may come from bone, which are located under the skin. If the bones are abnormally high due to the foot structure abnormality (like a bow or flat), or if the skin and the interior is exceptionally easy on the bone, the pressure to the skin overlying increase. The skin is usually annoying sources internal and external pressures, while at the same time, external pressure to the internal pressure of the first bone work plan or combination of thin skin, the skin tissue in response to be created. This reaction leads to the skin to form a thickened outer layer keratin cells rubbing together to form a plurality of layers.

Over time, the developed callus (also known as hyperkeratosis), at a pressure as skin site is too thick. This callus if thick enough can be painful as the original regular layer of skin on the lower part of the film callus pressure worsens, it covers. What was once a simple measure of protection, through the skin into the source of the pain and damage can apply to the skin, when the growth progresses far enough. Sometimes callus grows inward toward the main layer of the skin, resulting in formation of a thick rod, it is difficult (but not damage the skin) to the inside of the tunnel. It is intractable plantar keratosis, and often referred to as a wart. Finally, filling with keratin material sweat glands or other skin, a small dot is called a form callus porokeratosis. This type of callus needs no exceptional bone to be less to form, and is not painful, as a rule.

callus treatment is often misunderstood, and perhaps actually a bit more complicated. The most common form of treatment is a simple shaving calluses itself, chiropodist or podiatrist. Act thinner skin lasts, it would be more convenient and reduce pain. Nevertheless, callus reason is still present, and calluses eventually return to a month or two. This causes great confusion for some people who just are associated only with the growth of corns temporary skin rather than something directly related to their structure and activities of the foot. assistance with inserts or special shoes footrests reduce the pressure on the bottom of the foot in order to limit the growth of corn, when used in conjunction with appropriate shoes and shaving calluses. Unfortunately, this is not the calluses removed permanently and will only help the overall thickness of the cornea are used to reduce, when he rejects. not permanently reduce even order shoes inserts (orthotics), corns, although the corpus region better than inserts, store-bought weight makes to order to the shape of the foot.

It should be noted that people with diabetes should never try to manage their calluses. Due to the poor state of health of diabetes, patients with diabetes to reduce their own corns or family member unskilled attempt it can go home to injuries and infections from accidental interruption of normal skin.

There is speculation that some corn as a wart or a similar skin growth can be burned. The use of chemicals, lasers, cold therapy and electricity to break the skin growths is very common and are often effective for other types of skin disorders. Unfortunately, these methods do not work as well molluscum contagiosum duration on callus tissue, as callus growth continuously, not simply based on the presence of abnormal cells in the skin that can be eliminated. Callus tissue is normal tissue and any destructive procedure against the tissue is temporarily successful until skin growth does not begin again, and Corns reform. The only exception is porokeratosis, when the prostate gland and duct, which lies at the heart may be removed collapses.

Surgical treatment is the next step for callus care. This is another area in which there is a lot of confusion and myths treatments abound. In short, corns can be cut or otherwise removed surgically, with the hope that the corn will not return. The new skin, which continues to grow with the formation of callus after surgery, and in conjunction with surgical scar more painful than the original callus. Exception porokeratosis again, which can be successfully removed surgically. The only way to permanently corn to get rid of it, to get rid of the bony prominence behind, and to ensure a neat shoes and supplemented the account properly for this bone to any dilution of the skin and tissue. There are many bones of the foot enough that a celebrity can lead to skin irritation, and so many ways to relieve the pressure from the bone surgery. The method may include removing the bone too much down leg, removing excess bone that during development (very often), shaving or removal of bone chips or bone fragments bulk or even complete removal of the naturally form bone whereby pressure. correct procedures to estimate the total pressure deformation, like a bow or arch anomaly reason, it may be necessary. Healing times vary and depend on whether the bone just shaved or removed, or if the bones were moved to the position. These procedures are usually able to remove corns, if done correctly, although there is the risk of the tip of the foot under pressure in the immediate vicinity of the bones to move on. Orthotics are often used after surgery to prevent it.

As you can see, cutting callus care not only about shaving or hard tissue. In fact, this myth does not work well, and bones need surgery care callus to hold regular maintenence exercise to the skin and shave normal shoe inserts. For some, this is all that is needed to remedy the situation. For others, surgery is necessary to break the current pain.