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A week beats by dre black friday being fined $10K by the NFL for wearing Beats by Dre headphones in his postgame presser — the league has an exclusive beatsbydreblackfriday 22M1C6IK with Bose — QB Colin Kaepernick again wore his pink headphones to the podium around his neck. This time, though, he was seen putting white tape over the logos on the ears. Will it matter to the NFL? Stay tuned.The National Football League’s partnership with Bose headphones is providing a Michael Jordan- type boost to competitor Beats Electronics.Bose Corp. in March became the official headphones of the NFL, a partnership that Scott Becher, managing director of Z Sports & Entertainment, called “the last piece of beachfront property” for marketing with the richest U.S. sports league.The product exclusivity portion of the deal, which says NFL players can’t show a competitor headphone’s logo during postgame news conferences, has kept Beats, owned by Apple Inc. (AAPL), in the public spotlight.”It’s marketing gold for Beats,” Becher said in a telephone interview. “How many millions of dollars of exposure are you giving the market leader by outlawing them?”The answer is at least $2.14 million, according to a study by sponsorship evaluation firm Front Row Analytics, which calculated the advertising equivalent after San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick was fined for wearing his Beats.Becher compared the unintended Beats exposure to the 1992 Summer Olympics when Jordan and others on the U.S. men’s basketball team, many Nike Inc.

Holding a sponsorship contract with Bose, the NFL has implemented a $10,000 penalty for any player who is caught wearing any non-Bose headphones during NFL televised events. But Kaepernick clearly doesn’t give a damn.Nor do Richard Sherman, Cam Newton, and Tom Brady, who were all recently photographed wearing Beats instead of Bose.To most of us, $10,000 is a pretty hefty price to pay just to don our headphones of choice. But if you’re sponsored by Beats like Kaepernick is, then that cost is likely nothing compared to what you’re getting paid to endorse the brand. And that’s assuming the players are even paying out of pocket.Considering all the publicity Beats is getting for this headphone rebellion, it wouldn’t be a surprise if it was covering the players’ fines. When asked if this is the case, Kaepernick replied “We’ll let that be unanswered.”A pair of headphones has raised beatsblackfriday2014 F70RA4K3 three-quarters of a million dollars on Indiegogo in five days. beats black friday 2014 reason for this enthusiastic groundswell of support isn’t some sort of newfangled audiophile-pleasing technology. Far from it. The reason is

What does that mean? The app looks at the beats per minute and sound wave frequency of each tune, then organizes the music library into one of three categories. Want a high-energy music experience? You swipe your finger up to the “orange” level. Looking to calm down and relax? Swipe your finger down to the “blue” level. It’s a unique way at organizing music, that’s for sure.I was a bit confused about the inclusion of a braided audio cable with the Alpine Headphones as I thought they were Bluetooth. You’ll see my confusion when you look at the promo video below, where everybody is dancing around with the headphones on – without a cable in sight.One thing about headphones is that if you listen to a lot of music (or podcasts, for that matter), you want the headset to be comfortable. Alpine did a nice job of making the headphones comfy and lightweight, and although the earcups can be a bit confining, they’re perfect for hours of wear. I honestly forgot that I was wearing the blackfridaybeats A648J8KP Headphones after a while, which is a testament to their comfort.When I first started listening to some of my mid-level energy music (the “green” range), I wasn’t too impressed as it sounded heavy on the bass end and muddy. However, I knew that the 99N20N4N has a 7H0YYG8L equalizer, so I was able to adjust the high-end to my liking.

The athletic tape covered the Beats logo on 77IVO11O pink headphones, which he’s wearing to honor the NFL’s monthlong breast cancer initiative. Of course, anyone who knows anything about headphones knows Kaepernick was wearing Beats, and presumably the head honchos of the NFL are aware of this as well. But the move brings him in compliance with the NFL’s policy, in which players can wear whatever brands they want as long as identifying logos on unapproved brands are covered up.In a statement to CNET, the NFL likened its policy on headphones to its policy on shoes. “This is similar to the policy for footwear — Nike and Under Armour are the only footwear brands that receive exposure on field game-day,” an NFL representative stated. “Players can wear any brand of footwear but must tape over logos of brands unless they are Nike and Under Armour.”Guess we’ll be seeing more taped-up headphones at postgame press conferences and on the sidelines going forward, black friday beats wearing Beats is apparently in players’ DNA.From performance-wear to beverages, companies will pay big bucks to ensure their product is the only one of its kind being used during broadcasted events