Have you read about this recently? Algae is washing up on the coastlines all over the world, closing the beaches, because of the toxic fumes produced as it rots. It is the heat of summer, and the conditions are just right for algae blooms to get out of hand.

One judge did it up in New Jersey and ruled in a case. Then, last week we heard about a judge down in uh… it mighta been Texas where a judge said there was a dispute in a mosque and he was gonna consider ecclesiastical in his deliberations because of a dispute that was goin’ on inside the mosque. This is the united states of America. Even though it’s goin’ on inside of a mosque that doesn’t mean you, you know, execute the laws based on what goes on inside of that church. What about inside of a Catholic church? What about inside of a Baptist church? Doesn’t make any sense.

Overlooking Biscayne Bay Crandon Park golf course is a spectacular course which has played host to a number united states of america PGA and other golfing events. The green fees will not cost the earth and you may be excused if your ball is stopped in its drive by a giant iguana that can be found roaming the fairways. I wouldn’t try to retrieve that ball just let the lizard have it!

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According to the press release, Kathy Hudson (Highland Village, Texas) was the top American finisher, winning the 50-54 age group with a time of 2 hours, 59 minutes, 16 seconds on the 1-kilometer swim, 26-kilometer mountain bike and 9-kilometer cross country run course. Hudson’s time, craps online real money Triathlon reports, was almost 15 minutes faster than the next closest competitor.

I promised that we will send speech therapists over there to help them get rid of their Ay habit. It’s enough already. They got to learn how to speak American just like the rest of us.

The fact of the matter is that high gas prices are probably here to stay. The comparison that bottle water is more expensive is ridiculous. We don’t need 20 gallons of water to fill up and we can get tap water for pennies or even free. We are a fuel driven economy and we are stuck this way until drastic changes are made. Because these prices are here to stay people do need options besides buying a hybrid. I hope that you can use some of these tips to help you gain better mileage out of your car.