Hoi An, a Mixture of all Cultures

truyen xuyen khongVietnam is nowadays one of the most requested destinations by the European tourists, who choose to learn about a single zone, as Hanoi for example, located in the northern part of the nation, or to travel cross country by bicycle.
For those who choose the second option, the small town of Hoi An is an ideal destination located in central Vietnam.
Hoi An was an important fishing port during the sixteenth and eighteenth centuries, bathed by the Thu Bon River. This charming town still preserves its ancient and traditional style. The details and Chinese, Japanese and French influences have been recognized as a World Heritage by UNESCO in 1999.

Current laws prohibit tampering with the buildings and even the movement of cars through the streets. For your holidays to Vietnam, I must say that the town of Hoi An is to be ride by bicycle or motorbike. Through the Thu Bon River sail small boats of fishermen, since it is not deep enough to allow the passage of larger boats.
Its people are very friendly and remain impassive before the growing tourism in Vietnam.
Fishermen gently teach their catches, as visitors navigate the river of Hoi An. Numerous small wooden bridges cross over the river, allowing the passage from shore to shore. The distinctive place of Hoi An is surely the Japanese Covered Bridge, symbol of the past commercial city and built by traders of that country.

The bridge dates from the late sixteenth century (year 1593) and its purpose was to connect the Japanese commercial district (located in the west) to the Chinese quarter of Hoi An, on the east side of the town. The Vietnamese people renamed the bridge as Lai Vien Kieu Bridge, whose translation means “The Remote Bridge”, name engraved on the temple gate.

This monument is quite popular within the locals, and often used by young couples making their wedding story, dressed in Vietnamese traditional dress (Ao Dai). Many visit Hoi An to shop silk dresses, costumes, paintings,

crafts, antiques, ceramics, bronzes, wood and marble at very low prices.
Hoi An’s beaches also attract many tourists. Its beaches, ideal for your Vietnam holidays have nothing to envy those in the Caribbean for its clear waters, white sand, and tropical climate.

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