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How to buy penny stocks is a question first time penny stock investors often ask. Penny stocks are perhaps the most risky top of investments on the market. But with high risk comes high gain as well.

Penny stock are stocks that sell for under a dollar. You typically can’t find these stocks on the major stock exchanges. This is because penny stocks are often prone to fraud and other problems – there is simply not enough information about the companies that offer their stock as the penny variety to pass the stringent requirements to be listed on the major stock exchanges.

However, one can go about trading stocks through penny stock forums, online stock exchanges, and through brokers using the OTC systems (over the counter).

There are two ways you can play the stock market – through a stock broker who specializes in penny stocks and by yourself though an online stock exchange. Most people opt to try penny stock trading without a broker, since it is so much easier.


Buying penny stock takes a combination of skill, instinct, and an understanding of the stock market. The biggest suggestion experts give to first time stock dabblers is to make sure that you have some sort of training in the stock market – especially if you want to make money. While it’s OK to enter the stock market with a couple bucks to get some experience, if you intend to make a serious income trading stocks online, you need to have proper training in stock market techniques and tactics.

There are many websites and training programs that you can find online that offer these services.

Even though there is money in stock do your research, there will always be another stock….right $$$