How acidic is your body?

It become apparently clear to me that I didn’t want an acidic body. No thank you. Suffering from a lack of energy, always catching a cold and suffering headaches, I sensed something was wrong. Or more to the point that something wasn’t right. I could feel it inside, feel the inner working of my body had gone awry somehow.

Not one to run to the doctor at the first sign of a sniffle, I researched alternative remedies and asked a lot of questions of people. I discovered that my body may not be in a natural balance, due to my diet. I may have adopted an acidic body. I wasn’t suffering from being overweight, or underweight for that matter, but the food on my plate was beginning to take its toll on me.

I love meat, sweets, a lot of dairy, and a glass of wine with my meal, but it turns out all the things I love and enjoy about the eating experience may have been doing damage to my insides. My body should have an alkaline pH level, and with all the richly acidic foods that I have ingested over the years had resulted in my body holding up its inner hands and saying, ‘I’ve had enough!’.

Is Your Body Too Acidic?Foods leave behind a residue of either an acid or alkaline, and naturally if you eat a lot of acid rich food, then that is what is going to remain in your system. There is only so much your body can do against it, it fights for as long as it can before succumbing to being an acidic body. That’s when the trouble starts, it becomes a breeding ground of infection and harmful bacteria and can bring on all of the symptoms from which I was suffering. Not dealing with the problem could lead to more serious health woes down the line, so I changed.

An Alkaline Acidic Diet was the solution for me. Substituting the high percentage of acid foods that were common place in my diet, for those rich in alkaline. Fresh fruit and vegetables and everything else in moderation. What could be a simpler step in staying healthy?

How to Get Rid of Too Much Acid in Your Body Naturally