How to make pancake? so good $$$

Waffle maker is a cooking appliance which is used to make waffles. It has two hinged metal plates which are molded to make honeycomb. Heat the iron and close to bake the waffle. There are some waffle maker with an internal heating and uses open flame. This equipment can be so easy to use according to their efficiency. It has become the favorite gadget of every home all over the world. The quality of this product gives you thick baking plates to ensure a perfect waffle outcome. It has wrap around cord storage and rubber feet for stability.

Waffle makers manufacturers produced different sizes and shapes which you may choose on whatever you like. You can customize your waffles depending on occasions. Using waffle maker, you can enjoy a batter of waffles that you may easily enjoy yummy waffles at home. Most useful for families, relatives and friends because it can make waffles just in minutes. Kids and the rest of your relatives or the whole family can now enjoy their waffles with these fun shapes.

French Toast

Using the waffle maker, always coat the waffle grid plate of non stick cooking oil or wipe with a paper towel and a little bit of oil in it. When the waffle is already hot , put in the batter for just an exact amount that does not fill in the whole grid plate so that it will not give you a mess when the waffle expand. Waffle maker does have a timer and it will let you know when it is done baking and waffle turns to golden brown and lightly crispy on the outside and bake to the consistency of a light moist cake inside. When all is done and waffle is ready to serve, you can put a syrup on top of it to enjoy your delicious light and fluffy waffle.

You should see to it that your waffle maker is clean before storing it. It is advisable that you should not scratch the iron plate since the non stick coat will be peeled. Preserve the durable non stick of your waffle maker. Non stick grids eliminates the grease. You may just clean it with soft cloth with oil, making sure that there will be no scratches on the plate. You can scrape away any dried batter on its surface. Wash with sponge and rinse well. The waffle maker will serve you till long and will let you have the enjoyment of eating fresh crispy waffles.

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