How to make wedding cake? Nope Nope $$$

Getting your cake from a bakery that specializes in wedding
cakes can be a major wedding expense for you. That’s especially true if
you expect to serve a sizable number of people. Some cakes can cost as
high as $1500 from some specialty shops. In fact it is not uncommon for
prices to begin in the $500 range if a special design is ordered. The
good news is that getting the perfect cake on a budget is not

The first thing you need to do is to
determine just exactly how many people you expect to give cake to at
your wedding reception. As a general rule, expect to get approximately
16 pieces out of the average 9 inch layer cake. Depending on the size of
the piece, some cakes can provide significantly more pieces than a
regular round cake.

Once you have the number of people firmly in
mind, check with a bakery at your local grocery store to see what kind
of cakes they can provide. In many instances these cakes will be far
cheaper than something created by a specialty bakery. They have
experience creating cakes so they can give you a far better idea of how
many pieces you can expect to get out of each type of cake. Unlike
specialty cakes which uses a special frosting known as a fondant that is
hard in texture, those created by your grocery store are likely to have
some form of butter cream frosting. This is closer to the traditional
frosting found in a homemade birthday cake. It is possible to make
decorations like flowers and have writing on the cake just like one that
would be made for a birthday or other occasion.

possibility to get a wedding cake on a budget is to take advantage of
any bakers in your family. Rather than giving you a wedding present,
they can make the cakes and decorating them as their wedding
contribution. As an addendum to this, if you have a large family,
several people can contribute cakes which can be used to reception. Be
sure to give them plenty of time to complete the cakes. Be sure to
specify what flavor of cake and frosting you’d prefer. If you are
renting a hall that does not have catering services, you can assign some
of those who make the cakes to cut them at the appropriate time.

alternatives to give you a “wedding cake” on a budget is to make one
using layers of your favorite donuts or cupcakes. More and more brides
are choosing this instead of the traditional style cake because it’s
easier for guests to take individual pieces, and it may mean a
traditional cake is not required
at all. As another option some brides have decided to ask family
members to bring an assortment of treasured family dessert items like
cookies, cookie bars, and pies to serve to the guests for the reception.
This way, no one person has to bear the brunt of the expense. As you
can see, with a little creativity finding a wedding cake on a budget can
easily be done.

To a…. beautiful wedding!

Looking for a change from a boring traditional wedding cake? Then you have found what you are looking for- wedding cupcakes! Many suppliers tailor make their cup cakes to ensure they meet your personal requirements.

The advantage of having wedding cupcakes rather than a wedding cake is that you can order as many as you want so there are plenty to go around. If you just have one big cake then some of your guests may miss out.

Wedding Cupcake Flavors
Wedding cupcakes come in a variety of flavors to suit different types of people. Some of the most popular flavors include: Vanilla, carrot, lemon, banana, coconut, strawberry and chocolate. These days more unusual flavors have been created such as peanut butter, pumpkin, mocha and my personal favorite vanilla milk chocolate.

Cupcake Decorations
As well as being able to choose different flavors for your wedding cupcakes, you can also choose how you would like them decorated. There are different types of icing including butter cream, fondant, whipped cream and frostings. You can even add flavors and colorants to your icing. Why not add a bit of fun by using sprinkles, frosted roses, glitter dust and sparkling sugar. Originally cupcakes were baked in a pottery cups that were quite heavy and the cakes were simple and plain. You will be surprised with how creative you can be when designing a cup cake in this day and age.

Displaying your Cupcakes
You can also be creative when displaying your wedding cupcakes. You can purchase many different sized tiers in a variety of colors that hold different amounts. You can now get stands that are electrical and you can plug them to make them light up in different colors. If none of these stands tickle you fancy, you can design your own stands to suit your requirements.

Cupcake Occasions
Cup cakes are usually a favorite at children’s parties; however they can be served for any occasion. Why not serve cupcakes at a christening, a Christmas party or even at Easter?

There doesn’t even need to be an occasion, if you’re like me you may just fancy a cupcake with your afternoon tea.

So if you want to be unique and you want to be different at your party, I recommend cupcakes for all occasions.

A wedding cake is a key part of the big day; the event can
be even more memorable if the dessert is home made. Though it may seem
like special training is necessary, anyone who has baked and decorated
cakes for big events like parties is well on their way to learning how
to make a wedding cake.

In addition to being elegant,
the dessert must also be sturdy, as it will be much larger than its
traditionally sized counterpart. Small cakes, and those that will not be
heavily decorated may be able to use a light sponge or chiffon batter.
For larger more ornate designs, it’s wise to choose a heavier batter
like pound cake or dense chocolates that can hold up the weight of

When choosing the icing/frosting that will coat the
dessert, consider the expected climate of when the wedding will take
place. A good deal of understanding how to make a wedding cake is
factoring in how the structure will fain in warmer and cooler
temperatures. It is not necessary to base the choice of coating on this
alone, but it is worth thinking about.

The most used coating is
buttercream, known for its sturdiness. Buttercream may be popular
traditionally, but people are beginning to choose alternatives such as
cream cheese because the former can taste too much like butter.
Individuals who favor a coating that is not too heavy may enjoy whipped

wedding cakes are covered in fondant, that’s because it creates a
smooth finish, but also lends some stability to the dessert by
conforming to the structure underneath. One trick that offers more
protection with or without the use of fondant, is to temporarily chill
the entire structure; it will be firm when it is moved, but will return
to room temperature soon after.

There are plenty of options for
decorating the cake; designs crafted out of royal icing can be piped on
to waxed paper, allowed to harden then icing/frosting can attach it to
fondant; items can be shaped out of marzipan and treated the same way.
If fondant is not being used, the topping of choice can be decoratively
piped all over.

Sharing the sweetest part of that special day with
loved ones becomes even more meaningful when someone has learned how to
make a wedding cake. The reward is well worth the effort, because the
end result is always made with love.