How to parallel park?

Domestic household Projector Market, parallel imports of a wide deep troubles, not every player is very clear. But learn to distinguish parallel projector is a projector for each player, especially popular parallel projector victims of domestic players have the necessary skills.

Home projector against parallel imports Parallel nature of the projector is not fake and shoddy products. Parallel imported products are those without formal customs procedures, tariffs escaped a lot of illegal entry into the domestic markets. The essential characteristics of parallel projectors is that they should not be in the domestic market, China can not enjoy the necessary after-sales service, maintenance, spare parts guarantee, or even in domestic security specifications of electrical voltage. Projector to buy parallel imports, are prone to post-sales issues, maintenance and application security.

Domestic home projector market, there is a product called “Hong Kong Bank,” the so-called Hong Kong’s mainstream. These products are supposed to be sold in Hong Kong, but a special way through products into the Mainland market. Although it was business as mainstream, but its essence remains parallel. If the consumer is in Shenzhen, and Guangzhou from Hong Kong closer to the region, maintenance, after sales still have a certain security, or the interests of consumers will be huge risks.

Domestic home projector market, the most direct parallel product’s market performance was “cheap.” Basically, the formal market products will be cheaper than the 15% -20% or so. Although the prices of parallel imports cheaper, but vendors are still higher than the profits of sales of parallel imports licensed product sales. Consumers can get licensed parallel spread of illegal vendors often lower than the actual escape of the national tax burden.

how to parallel park
Parallel product to buy is a very dangerous behavior. First, formal businesses generally will not sell parallel imported products. So that the appropriate authorities in the country was dealing with, resulting in greater losses. Many merchants selling parallel imports illegal businesses. Basically has a small store, the product is not rich, no special audio-visual room, store the remote and so on. Such features found illegal peddler must protect the “small boat U-turn” requirements, that once the signs of trouble on the bust.

Parallel products consumers purchase, sales staff in addition to “hard” advocated price advantage, but also pledged the promise of “shop guarantee” promise. The so-called store security entails the provision of after-sales support services shop. Although the surface of this service and reliable, if it is truly a long-term businesses also rely on legitimate business. But may be confiscated at any time, or bust a parallel guerrillas, their reliability is not strong. In addition, parallel imports in the domestic and no maintenance, “spares”: can be assured that parallel black heart risk for the consumer business is not “smuggling” accessories for the maintenance of services, which to the consumer after repair, Replacement supplies caused great risks.
Some of the more extreme cases, some parallel imported products in countries where households voltage to be different. For example, U.S. households voltage of 110V. If consumers buy products that do not support the internal voltage format, burn products are likely to occur, fire, explosion and other safety hazards, resulting in greater losses of consumers.
Parallel hazards are enormous. Among them, the injury most of consumers. Therefore, in the fight against parallel imports in the process of establishing conscious consumers should resist the sense of parallel imports, should have the right to defend itself.

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