How to remove dark Spots

To remove dark skin spots and get rid of that uneven skin tone can be done by following the steps listed here. Get that lovely smooth skin back. Let’s find out how.

Why Does Skin Get Dark Skin Spots?
Usually dark spots or an uneven skin tone is the result of too much sun. This is very true for light-skinned people. At times the cause can be hormonal but they is an exception. Most of the time, the sun is the cause and the face is the area that shows the most skin spots.

Steps to Take to Lighten Your Skin
Your skin will look younger and be much healthier if you use the right ingredients in your skin care products and take other precautions.

Step One – Watch the Sun Exposure
Stay out of the sun for long periods of time. And use a zinc oxide sun blocker. Sunscreen lotions are questionable and may even be harmful. Wear a hat or cover that will shade you from direct sun exposure. Stay in the shade as much as possible.

Step Two – Repairing the Skin Damage
Free radical damage could be part of the cause for an uneven skin tone. So we need to prevent as much free radical damage as we can and fix what damage that has occurred.

how to remove dark spotsRepair With Natural Antioxidants
Antioxidants fight free radical damage. One of the best antioxidants is coQ10. What it does is soften the skin while moisturizing it. It also can reduce wrinkles and sun exposure damage in general.

Step Three – Functional Keratin
Functional keratin along with coQ10 can help remove dark skin spots when caused by pollution or the sun.
Functional keratin works wonders on your skin giving it a more youthful look.

Step Four – Skin Whitener
If you want your complexion to be lighter, then using a natural skin whitener is a good choice. Be careful some skin whiteners are not in your best interest.

Dark brown spots are dark pigmentation found in the face, body or
arms area. There are several causes for these dark poky marks to appear.
These include

a) Poor skin care maintenance
b) Normal aging process
c) Lack of vitamins and deficiency
d) Exposure to sun’s ultraviolet rays

the above reasons, one of the most destructive is the sun’s penetrative
ultraviolet rays. These rays can cause long term damages to your skin
structure if you did protect your skin against it. Our body contains a
pigment called melanin. The ultraviolet rays from the sun can accelerate
the development of melanin in our body, causing concentrations of dark
splotchy marks at areas of our skin.

In order to treat those dark brown marks, there are a few treatments you can go for:

how to remove dark spots on back

a) Bleaching creams
There are many bleaching creams like hydroquinone that can help to
reduce or fade away those brown skin marks. However, be careful of the
side effects like skin irritations and redness if you have sensitive

b) Laser resurfacing
You can also try laser resurfacing
to reverse those marks quickly. This involves the use of high laser
beams to shred away the top layers of the skin. There is no downtime and
you can continue on your normal daily life as usual. However, there is
risks involved in all skin resurfacing operations, so make sure you
check the credentials of the practitioner before you embark on such

c) Natural Skin Creams
One of the best way to fade
and reduce those dark pigmentation is to use natural skin whitening
creams. One particular ingredient called Extrapone Nutgrass is able to
inhibit the production of melanin in your body. It is natural and
contains no synthetic materials that can cause long term damage to your
skin. Most importantly, it is able to help whiten your skin naturally .
Results are also more lasting compared to laser resurfacing.

Dark spots on the face can occur due to harmful rays or due to aging.
Herbal treatment for facial dark spots is an effective way to improve
the overall skin complexion. These treatments are safe and beneficial
for the skin. These spots are also known as hyper pigmentation and occur
mostly in the middle age. It can be a result of some skin disease, due
to certain medications, ultra violet light or pregnancy.

The herbal treatment for facial dark spots is as listed below:

1. Parsley: Parsley juice mixed with carrot juice, lemon and orange juice works well to reduce the spots on face.

2. Olive Oil: Rub some olive oil on the skin gently.

3. Turmeric: Grind turmeric and sesame seeds and apply this paste on
the face. This is a good herbal treatment for facial dark spots.

4. Aloe Vera Gel: Aloe Vera gel is useful for skin conditions. Apply this aloe vera gel on the face or take it internally.

5. Neem Leaves: Grind the neem leaves and make a paste. Apply this
paste regularly on your face. Neem has anti bacterial properties and is
beneficial for this condition. It is an effective herbal treatment for
facial dark spots.

6. Dandelion: Rub the sap from the stem of a dandelion. Rub this a couple of times in a day.

7. Basil: Use basil and neem leaves to make a paste. Add rose water and
a pinch of turmeric to make a paste. Apply this on the spots.

8. Mint Juice: Crush the mint leaves and take out the juice. Apply this
juice on the face for a herbal treatment for facial spots.

9. Horseradish: Grate a horseradish and put in vinegar. Keep this mixture under tight lid for couple of weeks. Apply little of this mixture on the spots.

10. Garlic Juice: Rub garlic juice on the spots regularly. Keep it applied for a while and then wash face.

11. Extrapone Nutgrass: Use this herb for preventing dark spots on face.

12. Lemon: Lemon is used as a natural bleaching agent. Lemon oil also
aids in cleansing the skin. It can be added to almond oil or jojoba oil
and applied on the face regularly.

13. Sandalwood: Make a paste
with sandalwood and rose water and put on the facial dark spots. Leave
it on for some time and wash.

14. Bilberry herb: This herb extract should be taken to slow down the aging process.

15. Fenugreek: Paste of fresh fenugreek leaves can be applied to the face.

Choose the herbal treatment for facial dark spots that suits you for
effectively treating this condition. Other than this eat a rich and
healthy diet. Drink plenty of water to keep your skin clear and clean.
Use a good sunscreen and a hat is possible every time you step out of
home. Chemical peels and laser surgery is available for removing spots
but herbal treatment for facial dark spots can be used without the fear
of any side effect.

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