‘I Hate My Job,’ Say 70% Of US Employees

Have you ever dreamed of having employees who couldn’t wait to go to work each day? A job where the company’s mission statement touts that it is in business to enhance the lives of its clients and employees? I have been instrumental within my company to make this vision a reality.

To quote an employee in her self evaluation: “I feel truly blessed to work here. I enjoy bragging to my friends and family about how great of a company I work for! We work hard and are very much rewarded for our efforts. Not only that, I feel very comfortable about approaching my manager about both personal and professional issues.”

If you want your employees to be speaking in this manner, consider providing learning, growing and development opportunities through a wide variety of offerings.

For example. I created a library with a collection of motivational, instructional and inspirational books and CDs. Employees are encouraged to check them out and are then rewarded with a form of “play” money that they can use to purchase company logo wear and retail gift cards.

Much of what the library has to offer is on the subject of “Law of Attraction” which teaches that life is supposed to feel good and that our overall Well-Being is what is natural. It teaches that no matter how good your life is now, it can always get better, and that the choice and the power to improve your life experience are within your personal control.

When your employees learn and grow, it always benefits your company in the form of a well-rounded, satisfied person who is willing to bring their best self to work each day. This costs your company very little, but the rewards and benefits are priceless.

‘I Hate My Job,’ Say 70% Of US Employees

Next, focus on forming relationships. When a new employee joins your company, consider enrolling them in an Employee Ambassador Program. An Employee Ambassador Program is where they are paired with a seasoned employee for the purpose of making a smooth transition into the company. The first thing the Ambassador does is to send a welcome note to their home. Other Ambassador activities include a welcome breakfast, regular lunches and follow through to make sure the new employee adjusts to their new environment. People want and need to feel included in a group. By making personal connections to others in the company, bonds are formed, and their connection to the company becomes more solid and personal.

Encourage employees to gather and relax in a non-working environment. Whether that’s stopping 45 minutes early once a month to gather in the common areas for snacks and drinks, to bringing in motivational guest speakers to offer advice during lunch time. Building camaraderie and enhancing employees’ personal lives will ensure that they will grow and prosper in their professional lives.

Create a reward system for receiving client compliments. Our campaign is called “Knock Their Socks Off”. When a client compliment is passed on to a Manager, the employee receives a pair of slippers. When they receive another compliment, they can wear their slippers in the office that day and so on. While this seems simple, employees love being recognized in this manner and they continue to strive to ensure good customer service.

Employees are encouraged to come up with ideas that help improve a process and/or save the company money. If their idea is chosen, they receive a $25.00 gift card. This helps the company by providing it with fresh ideas. This helps the employee feel that they have contributed and that their ideas are valued and appreciated.

My goal is to help the employees continue to learn and grow and become the best versions of themselves and in doing so our company can’t help but soar.

What are you doing for your employees today?