‘I Hate My Job,’ Say 70% Of US Employees

Custom lanyards are not exactly the most exciting office technology around. In a world of notebooks, netbooks, tablets, smartphones and wi-fi, it?s hard to muster much enthusiasm for something that just hangs around. Ah, but that?s where the beauty of custom lanyards lies ? in their very simplicity.

There?s not much to custom lanyards. They?re generally just a looped strip of material imprinted with a custom message, an attachment device at the end and usually a safety breakaway in the center. That?s it. They don?t bring you the Internet, let you make phone calls, print documents or anything else our high-tech world now demands. What custom lanyards actually do quite well is hold I.D. badges, key cards, pens and other small items securely while keeping those items out of the way of job tasks.

Custom lanyards also perform their intended function while carrying an imprinted promotional message, making them doubly functional. They might not be exotic, but they can contribute to just about any organization?s security, morale and marketing efforts.

Increased security requirements are simply a fact of life in the modern workplace. Many schools, businesses and professional offices now require employees, students, vendors and in some cases, even visitors to keep I.D. visible at all times while on the premises. Custom lanyards are a great way to keep I.D. cards close at hand where security staff can see them, yet make sure they are hard to lose and conveniently out of the way.

The promotional message can be something as simple as a company logo printed on custom lanyards worn by employees. That works as a subtle reinforcement of your branding message to customers. Or it could be school colors and a mascot printed on custom lanyards for students to wear.

For businesses in which staff members don?t routinely deal with the public, custom lanyards could even be printed with an ?inside joke? or funny saying specifically for the staff. The uses of custom lanyards within the workplace are virtually limitless.

It?s worth remembering, however, that custom lanyards are on display all the time they?re worn. They do send a subtle message about your organization, so it?s a good idea to be careful with the printed text.

The designers and graphic artists at a company that supplies custom lanyards can help you create the perfect lanyards for your organization. They can make your ideas for your custom lanyards say exactly what you want them to say, in a way that perfectly suits your organization?s identity.

Custom lanyards are available in a variety of styles, suitable for just about any organization and budget. Tubular lanyards, for example, are an economical choice that makes it easy for just about any organization to have custom lanyards.

Flat polyester lanyards are the sweet spot of custom lanyards. They offer an outstanding balance between price and performance, and feature a clean, clear look for your text or logos.

Woven lanyards are made of the same top-quality polyester, but instead of silkscreen printing, feature text and logos woven into the material with thread in a process similar to embroidery. This style is ideal for simple text, offering a finished, professional look. Intricate lettering and designs won?t be legible in this style, however.

Nylon custom lanyards are a premium product. They feature a highly visible, brilliant finish, that will showcase even the most complex logo or lettering.

‘I Hate My Job,’ Say 70% Of US Employees