Independent Artist Make Money? Oh Word $$$

Out of all the different types of profits, the list profit is the best one to pursue. The reason why is simple: to make a list profit, entrepreneurs must establish trust among a particular group of consumers. Once this trust is established, a person can make untold amounts of money selling different products to the same group. However, there is a caveat that most Internet marketers do not think about. It involves the usage of fake email addresses. Many subscribers sign up for them in hopes of avoiding spam. In turn, they only check the email to receive their product. After that, they abandon the email forever. To minimize this problem, you must use creative strategies to generate a list profit.

In fact, an increasing number of entrepreneurs are using offline marketing to build a list profit. Instead of sending out an email newsletter, they mail printed versions to their subscribers’ physical addresses.

This is one method, but thanks to print-on-demand companies, there is another alternative for building a list, which involves mailing out physical books. To do this, you write a 50-page book on a niche topic related to your business. Then, instead of creating a squeeze page for an e-book, you create it for your physical book. You have to limit it to around 100 people, since you are responsible for paying for distribution. However, in the process, you receive 100 physical addresses.

If you cannot generate a list profit from your subscribers’ email, you have a back up in place.

Another creative method for building a list profit involves using an online sweepstake. Try to save up enough money to buy a high-ticket item, like a big-screen television or a video game system. On your splash page, advertise that you will give the item away to the first 100 subscribers. In exchange, subscribers must provide their physical address as well as a testimonial, (if they win). Make good on your promise so you can get the testimonial as soon as possible. Post it on subsequent splash pages. Rinse and repeat until you get a decent number of testimonials. If enough buzz is generated, you do not have to limit the prize to every 100 subscribers. You could do it for every 1,000 or so. Just make sure you do not indicate this on the splash page, since that might be intimidating to potential subscribers. If you cannot provide a small number, just say “enter for a chance to win,” and leave it at that. You will still generate enough addresses to build a decent list profit.

In conclusion, if you want to build a list, you must incorporate offline marketing with email advertising. True, the above-mentioned methods do require an investment, but the possibility of generating a list profit is so much greater that it is worthwhile. This is because there are no worries over fake email addresses. Even if one is provided, you can still build a list profit by advertising to a subscriber’s physical address.