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How it works
No matter what we eat or drink our body needs to work to digest and absorb it. Some foods need more energy to activate the process while others take less. There are certain foods that need more calories to digest than the calorie content contained in them. These foods can be termed negative calorie foods because the extra calories they need to digest them are taken from our body fat.

Contrary to what the name suggests these foods actually do contain calories. For instance if a serving of carrots contain 10 calories and requires 12 calories to digest they have a 2 calorie negative calorie effect on the body. This is the secret to this effect.

There are no foods that contain less than zero, or negative calories. The lowest you can get is water which is zero. However, iced water needs energy to warm it for use although the calories needed to do this is small. The amount of calories burned is around 50 calories per 8 glasses per day yet water still creates a negative calorie effect.

On the other hand, if you eat a diet high in fat your body will use almost no calories to digest it and the result is your waist gets bigger. You don’t feel full either and are often left feeling listless and tired. Negative calorie foods leave you feeling satisfied and reduce the need to stuff yourself full of fatty foods. They are the perfect way toward eating a well balanced diet.

Can the negative calorie effect increase metabolism?
The only way eating food can increase metabolism is through the thermic effect. This is the process of digesting and absorbing food, in particular the burning of calories our body expends to complete the process. Viewed in this light all foods have the ability to increase metabolism. Yet the thermic effect foods boost metabolism by only around 5-10%. This means that eating food alone is not enough to cause you to lose significant amounts of weight. You might ask yourself – why bother? Well, combining this diet with regular exercise such as cardio workouts is the key to boosting your metabolism, burning fat and losing weight.

However if you maximize your intake of these foods through a negative calorie diet plan you will make the thermic effect more meaningful. Just eating them will result in burning more calories than you are taking in and they have the ability to help boost your metabolism.

Negative calorie effect foods and weight loss
The negative calorie effect is found in foods such as fruits, especially watermelons, papaya, berries and citrus. Almost all vegetables fall in this category of foods. If you need to lose a few pounds quickly eating these foods 3-5 days a week should suffice. If you want a more sustainable weight loss you should incorporate them in each meal.

Bacon consumtion.When you compare the calorie burning rate of negative calorie effect foods against protein, fat and carbohydrates it looks something like this.

These foods burn more calories than they contain. You can equate this to +100% calorie burning value.

Fats actually have the least value on metabolism as they burn the fewest calories because they go straight to our body’s fat storage. So our body uses very little calorie burning energy to digest and absorb them.

This applies to carbohydrates too. Refined carbohydrates like sugar for instance use little calorie burning energy to convert them to fat. They also release more insulin into the blood stream which increases appetite encouraging eating. Increased eating leads to higher levels of fats and calories being stored in the body.

Protein can burn up to 25% of the calories contained in it. Yet the thermic effect only constitutes around 5-10% of calorie expenditure.

For a lady, it was six years ago when she found herself in a hospital
emergency room, her limbs had gone numb, and she had pain in her left
eye and right ear. As the doctors could not figure out what was wrong
with her, she spent much of the next two years in pain. In this case,
she made appointments with a physical therapist, her family doctor, a
neurologist, a dentist, and an osteopath.

Out of this came
the discovery that she had something called temporomandibular joint
syndrome. The pain could not be relieved until she was able to find
acupuncture. When it comes to the kinds of TMJ disorder, forty million
people, one in every four, suffer from them. The reason why these people
visit a lot of doctors is because they fail to realize that the aches
and pains they experience can be traced to a problem with their jaw.

Here, numbness in the fingers and arms, ear aches and ringing in the
ears, pain behind the eyes, dizziness, a clicking or popping jaw,
headaches, back and neck pain, and sensitive teeth are the symptoms when
it comes to a TMJ disorder. Taking a TMJ disorder into consideration,
the causes may include grinding and clenching your teeth, problems with
the temporomandibular joint or the muscles that move the jaw, and injury
to the jaw and neck area. Aside from affecting men, women between the
ages of 30 and 50 are affected more.

In terms of a TMJ problem,
diagnosing it early is better. If you intervene early, you can have a
good, longterm outcome. According to the people who have suffered from
TMJ disorder and experts, treatment doesn’t always mean merely getting
rid of the problem. In treating a TMJ disorder, what are considered are
the extent of the problem and the philosophy of your dentist.

According to them, all physical problems will be eliminated if you solve
psychological issues, such as excessive stress. What most people will
say is that psychological issues, like depression and stress, are
responsible for cause physical problems with the bite or jaw.

According to another school of thought, it is possible for both
psychological and physical issues to cause TMJ. It should never be
assumed that they have the disorder when it comes to a person with TMJ
like symptoms. Many other medical problems can result in similar

If the problem is TMJ, don’t expect an instant cure.
Including different health professionals, dentists, physical therapists,
neurologists, chiropractors, and people who specialize in biofeedback,
these people may be involved here. When she visited an osteopath who
worked on her jaw, the lady here found temporary relief.

worked with an acupuncturist for about a year and then she found the
relief she wanted. There are no worries for her for six months or so at a
time. She’s been successful, in part, because she has taught herself a
couple of tricks to keep the pain at bay.

Her schedule for
acupuncture is a few times a year. She has not found a cure for TMJ but
what she has found is a way to manage it. Her symptoms are not severe
but she works hard to manage her stress level. Other than relaxing her
jaw, she swears by yoga, an exercise that helps her relax.

The negative calorie effect appears to be confusing. It is true that all foods contain at least some energy yet negative calorie foods contain so little that the body has to use more energy to digest them. Achieving a net loss of calories resulting in a negative calorie balance is what is needed to lose weight. Negative calorie food diet can provide this.

Many people today are becoming ever more health conscious. This
includes giving up the highly addictive activity of smoking. Most find
it easier to quit ‘cold turkey’. However for those of us who need the
extra help there are many devices used to help break the habit. Nicotine
also produces bad withdrawal symptoms. As our body is used to of its
presence and its effects, it starts to crave nicotine.

If not
given, our body and mind starts to react badly. The body reduces the
functions that it has got used to do with the help of stimulants given
by nicotine. The same goes with mind. The main reason you are afraid is
that the cigarette causes them! Non smokers never have to go through
what smokers go through! The good news is that when you put out your
cigarette whether that be, because you are quitting or because you need
to go back to work with out the constant need to smoke, the nicotine
leaves your body super fast.

a smoker, your lungs have been bombarded with toxic tobacco smoke and
have been irritated and become clogged with tar and phlegm. When you
stop smoking, your lungs get a chance to start cleaning themselves up
again. The cilia that ‘brush’ dirt and pollutants out of your lings
start to function properly again and as they do their work, you will
notice more phlegm and cough more. If somebody can make it through the
initial stages then they are on a much easier road (although far from
being certain) to successfully kicking the habit.

The side effects
when quitting smoking can vary from person to person though, so may
experience all of the negative sides that come with nicotine deprivation
where as others may experience one or two, and the lucky ones may not
have any serious side effects at all. Nicotinic acid may be available
directly over the counter; however, some drug stores may require a
prescription from your doctor. The acid is also available in several
formulations. Immediate-release the acid initiates the vitamin
immediately into the body all at once. As for the sustained-release
type, the acid is introduced into the body in a more gradual manner,
thereby lowering the side effects. You will without a doubt
notice an increase in your appetite! Unfortunately, this is a symptom
that prevents a lot of smokers from even trying to quit! Do not worry
about a few extra pounds! Your body is going to get use to the fact you
no longer smoke and when that happens you will actually feel like