Foreign guy with a Thai wife (Sabai, sabai). This is actually the very best situation for assembling a Thai house (in most circumstances). You have a solid relationship and also the Thai wife’s relatives (in most cases) will be useful in dealing with Thai designers and contractors.

General plurals are done by doubling the noun: “house house” instead of “houses”. Unique plurals utilize the exact same building we use in English for groups, as in “The farmer has three head of cattle”. You can’t say “I ‘ve three kids” in Thai, you must say “I have kid three man”; “child” is the noun, “individual” is the group word, also known as a “classifier”.


Don’t touch, climb on or otherwise degrade a Buddha image or an image of the King (or in fact any member of the royal family). Buddhism is the leading religion in Thailand and Buddha images are treated with attention and great reverence. Any disrespect revealed to any member of the royal family is likely to get you in big trouble and probably with a jail term (although these are usually commuted by the King, but result in your immediate deportation and barring from seeing Thailand again).

Wai, but use it sparingly. The “wai” is a Thai greeting, done by pressing the palms of your hand together, prayer-like. By all means if one is offered to you, return a wai, yet you should not always offer a wai to every Thai person you meet. Aside from this becoming tiresome after a while, it isn’t unnecessary. It is some thing interwoven into the Thailand culture and subject to all sorts of rules and intricacies, to do with your age, seniority society in and position and linked webpage in your family construction. For example, a Thai office worker would greet their boss or a senior member of their partner’s family with a wai, however they wouldn’t do the same to a lowly server. Again foreigners aren’t expected to comprehend all of this, but a fundamental comprehension is always recognized.

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Although my list of cons is way longer in relation to the pros, the good actually outweighs the bad here. It is just important more (linked webpage) to keep your children grounded. Get them as much contact with local culture as possible and instill in them the importance of respect as well as the joy of cultural diversity.

“Sanuk” in Thai means ‘interesting’ and everything in life for Thais – whether work, instruction, friends, family, religion, politics – should be fun and should make you happy. They are not happy and when it’s not enjoyable, they are not interested in doing it and they will not. Imagine how wonderful America would be if Americans believed the same thing.