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When choosing which keywords you would like to rank for, one of best ways to do this is by using your intuition. Checking which keywords competing sites are ranking for can be done by doing a little old fashioned detective work.

For example: The keyword in the page title on the results indicates some good SEO going on in the market place. If the exact key phrase is in the page title we need to be sure that we place our key phrase in the page title when we publish our website. It’s a big driver of search relevancy.

You can tell that if all of the blogs in that market have the key phrase in the title it’s going to be quite competitive. We can look at the top blogs and see which post gets the most comments. Later on we might provide them content that they can publish or be a guest interview for their blog to get us some ultra targeted traffic. So make a note on all the blog in your market because we’re going to be covering blog traffic in the traffic section.

Let’s look at the discussion forum to really get the language of the market. In forums will dig up a lot of data so we search for the forum and then we view the hot threads to find the buying terms. The language and the mindset of thousands of topics and replies will get you into the discussion and reveal almost frequently asked questions and answers. It will even tell us what products to promote if we’re not sure. So if you’re unsure since people will be suggesting all sorts of solutions some markets even list a product review section which is a gold mine.


How do we tell what’s going to be HOT trends in the future so we can prepare content to take advantage of it?

Checking what your competition is up to is always a good way of knowing what is going on in your market. There are various tools at your disposal that will help you select the right keywords as well. Get started now and increase your sales by learning some of best insider strategies you can use to get a boost in targeted traffic.

I suggest that you do your research on the market first and then find offers that suit rather than the other way around. But if you have to start with the offer then it’s easy to find who buys using the same process but backwards.

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