Marketing To Small Buisness Yea Right $$$


These days, a lot of individuals are beginning their own businesses especially after some of them were left unemployed by the recent economic problems. One of the hardest challenges of starting your own business is building your brand or reputation. For many new businesses, direct response TV advertising just might get your business off the ground. As can be understood from its name, this is a type of marketing effort using the tv that enables the viewers to directly respond to the commercial, usually through a toll-free number that they can call.Direct response TV advertising has a lot of potential for those with unknown products and cannot compete with more popular ones in the market. This form of advertising will let you show your viewers what your products can do and the response to your commercial is easily measurable.

However, not all products would avail from direct response TV advertising. First of all, it can only be effective for products that have visual effects or outcomes. The TV appeals to the sense of sight and a demonstration of your product should result to outputs that can be appreciated by the viewers.

You should also determine your audience demographic and whether your product would interest to them. Your product should have mass appeal so that it will be worth the money you will spend on the commercial.


Aside from these, direct response TV advertising seems to work great for products that are unique. If your product cannot offer anything different from three other brands that your viewer could get from any store then it will be a waste of money buying airtime. You should also be able to put everything about the product in as short as a 60-second commercial especially if you do not want to spend a lot. And when you do the commercial, make sure that you add a visible call to action.

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