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When people go out to work, they always take something with them that many cannot live without. No, we are not talking about cell phones or car keys, we are talking about travel mugs. Travel mugs are some of the most used types of drink containers in the United States and not a day goes by without millions taking their mugs to work with them. People love reusable mugs because they allow them to take their coffee with them as they go to work, making that long commute to work a bit better.

Walt Disney Birthday: Officially named Walter Elias Disney, today marks the birthday in 1901 that was the start of an international theme park and entertainment enterprise.

Bathtub Party Day: Even though I am a fan of taking hot spring baths with friends in Japan, I am not sure this is “kosher” in the united states. It would be really nice to take a bath though to get out of the cold snow that has fallen though. So, if you are into inviting some friends over for the holiday to take a bath or just want one by yourself, have a nice bath day! Party of One for me please!

It is known in the goldfish history, that in Southern Europe, it was a tradition for a man to give his wife a goldfish on their anniversary. It was a symbol for the prosperous years to come. Today, because of it’s popularity increasing so much many of these traditions no longer exist.

Bill Gates when he was head of Microsoft threatened The us that if she did not let Indian into usa club casino with functioning VISAs, that he would move his operation to India.

So now I am going to go all political on you! I don’t know how to start the following so I am just going to burst out with…Yes, the modern day tea parties are racist, but not because there aren’t any African united states of america protesting as well. It’s the rhetoric that’s coming out people’s mouths. With that said, let me give you a little history lesson. The original Boston Tea Party was racist as well. Our forefathers dressed up as Native Americans (notice my political correctness–do I score points for that?) in order to dump tea into the harbor. Be glad you live in a country where you are able to speak out, but take responsibility for what you say and do because what you say and do almost always affects someone else in some way. Try to speak civilly.

See now, this one amused me a great deal. Americans are the most squeamish country when it comes to so-called ‘bad words,’ and yet the perception they give off is that they have no sense of loyalty to their spouses, or other people’s spouses. That is something that just horrifies the Swedish. Marriage means something over here. They do not break a sweat when they see a boob, or even a penis, on their TV, no matter how many 5 yr olds are in the room. Cuss words are simply to qualify the rest of the statement… like big or blue. If something is fucking cool, that just means it is cooler than simply super cool. The idea that someone would balk and shudder at mere letter groupings amuses the Swedish to no end.

So what the use of buying a timeshare? Why people want to buy timeshare property to enjoy a vacation? The answer is simple. With timeshare you become the owner of some part of the resort or hotel. You don’t have to book hotels, plan your holiday. All you have to do is simply enjoy your holiday at your own resort. The maintenance and other taxes are equally distributed among the people owning the hotel or the resort.

Thanks for reading and thank you for supporting the troops! Many will be returning from Iraq soon…Welcome them home with open arms, loving hearts and a job! They will need you now more than ever.