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This wolf flew all the way to the Quinghai Lake in China through different routes and finally settled to feast upon a sumptuous meal of birds of all variety. This does not refer to any mythical four-legged canine, straight out of a fairy tale. This refers to a microscopic miscreant called the H5N1 virus that comes with the migratory birds, and if left unchecked, is capable of killing not only wild birds and poultry, but can also cast its deathly shadow on animals and humans.

Why has this virus suddenly taken wings? Is it going to keep on spreading? What will be its impact on wild life? What will happen to domestic poultry? And what is the future of humans?

Though there are many bird flu viruses, H5N1 is the worst of all. In the wild, bird flu viruses generally circulate in waterfowls, especially ducks, infecting their guts without causing obvious symptoms. In 1990s in China, one local H5N1 virus adapted itself to the chickens so well that it infected not only the chickens? lungs, but also every organ in their body. Viruses with such mutation are highly pathogenic and can cause immense harm as the victims are all in very close proximity.
However, they do not spread very far. But the virus that has infected the chickens now has acquired the ability to infect a wider range species than any other flu virus. Crows, pigeons, falcons, buzzards, tigers and domestic cats are all in danger.

This virus spreads through the mucus and droppings of the infected birds. Humans who travel a lot and those who work in the poultry are more susceptible to inhale this virus. Anti viral drugs like Tamiflu can come handy, but one must buy Tamiflu on being prescribed by a doctor.

The symptoms of avian influenza are breathlessness, coughing, sneezing, fever and diarrhoea. They are quite similar to the symptoms of common influenza and people may never get alarmed enough. So it is advisable to consult the doctor as soon as the first symptom occurs.

All said and done, the wolf is not invincible. It has to be identified and conquered. Medical science is on our side. Let us join hands and fight it out. We owe a virus free healthy world to the coming generation.

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