On-Line Craps Guidelines – Pt.T 1

There are many reasons why people play craps at an online casino. The biggest (and probably the best) reason is the potential to win large amounts of cash in a very short period of time. While the strategy here is not going to win you huge amounts of cash, it will help you realise small, consistent wins online.

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You can’t imagine how relieved I was to hear the very nice things these big guys were saying about my Papa as they lead me by the arm to what turned out to be a craps table. When we arrived, they shuttled me right up and into a spot on the side of the table. They both stayed right beside me and I didn’t know whether to try to tip them or say thanks or what to do, frankly. I am so glad I didn’t try to tip them.

Here is the lesson. Any craps system, how to play craps game, or craps method can win… under the right circumstances. Determine before you play, what is the optimum winning scenario. Decide in advance how much you are willing to risk and exactly when you will walk away. Find the table that fits your optimum situation, and then follow your system and betting plan to the letter.

It’s crucial to mention that, though the Craps online feels quite difficult in the beginning, it’s not something you can’t learn with ease. Of course, it demands some attention, but once you get the hang of it, you will only search for this particular game in all casinos. Basically, it is a dice game and is played in two ways: you can play it against the bank, which is the website in case you are playing online craps, or you can play against other players. When it is against the bank, it is given the name of “Bank Craps. And if you play against other players, it means you are trying your luck playing “Street Craps”.

Gaming establishments will gladly teach you how to play any casino game. In fact, they hold classes in the casino to teach people how to play craps online. Do you believe that casino personnel will actually teach you how to win their money? Of course you don’t! That is why you need the independent, unbiased advice and guidance. Read and learn as much about the game of craps as possible. Consider this. If the casino personnel actually knew how to consistently win playing craps do you think they would be working for the casino? Undoubtedly they would be playing craps professionally themselves. Think about it.

If so, play the field. What this means is that anytime a two, three, four, nine, 10, 11 or 12 is rolled, you win. Don’t play anything else until the online version of the game becomes a little more realistic in the natural appearance of sevens.

You see this on top of the table. If the top side is white, it means the game is ongoing and if it is black, it means the game is off or did not start yet. Just a trivia, craps is a round game.

As you have seen above, some facts are left out… some are overlooked. This occurs for either selfish reasons or simple ignorance. The onus is yours to find the truth. Then and only then can you truly determine if your knowledge, based on misleading information, is the factor preventing you from winning the game of craps.