Personal Injury Law Blurbs

Personal Injury Law Blurbs
Here are a selection of articles our Maryland personal injury lawyer has written about various personal injury law topics. If you think you have a personal injury claim, pleasecontactour law firm now for a free consultation.
Internal Organ Injury Claims Of The Liver, Spleen, Kidney, Colon In Minor Car Accidents
If you have suffered a torn liver, a punctured kidney, a ripped colon, or a ruptured spleen in a minor car accident or a bad car accident in the state of Maryland
you may have a very serious injury claim for which you may get a high settlement if the case is handled correctly.
Internal injuries to kidney, the spleen, the colon are sometimes difficult for emergency room doctors to identify in the whirlwind chaos of the emergency room. If a lacerated liver, punctured kidney, ripped colon or perforated colon is identified than medical specialist will be called in or you will be referral to them.
I have handled internal injury car accident cases and they are frequently complicated in that evaluation of the medical documentation requires detailed examination of the injured partys preexisting health and the current hearing condition of the injured party. Its important in any car accident injury claim involving a lacerated liver, punctured kidney or perforated colon or spleen to do an evaluation on how such injuries affected the non fault partys quality of life when trying to get a settlement on the injury case.
Drowning Deaths in Maryland
Each summer in Maryland there are tragic deaths of minors and adults who die or suffer brain injury because of a near drowning event. These injuries can take place in a river, lake, or swimming pool.
For any drowning case or near drowning event the property owner or any adult who brought the minor child injury victim to the site may be liable for settlement injury compensation. Drowning or near drowning cases on public lands may be denied because of state recreational use statutes which prohibit injury claims in certain cases if the injury event during the course and scope of recreational use while on government land.
With any near drowning cases involving brain damage consultation with neurologists and neurophyschologists to evaluate the severity and permanence of brain damage is important.
Electrical Burn Personal Injury Cases
Burn and shock injuries are very serious life altering events and occur with too often frequency when electrical lines touch people. People who suffer burn and shock injuries from interference with electric lines in the state of Maryland gton often have long term problems which never may go away.
Electric companies like Portland General Electric (PGE) and others have a common law duty to prevent injuries to the public in the state of Maryland. When electric injuries do occur the issue is often was the electric company negligent under the facts of the particular case.
If the electric company is a government entity like Bonneville Power Administration (BPA) you may have to file a governmental tort claim notice. If you dont file a tort claim notice and the time period runs you may not have a viable government electric burn or shock injury case anymore.
On any electric injury burn or shock case expert testimony and evaluation is important in determining whether the electric company was negligent.

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