Protection for highways workers from growth and development of a whole new remote access gate

After successful trials an innovative remote access gate to help protect highways workers, developed between partners Colas and Solar and Electric Gates Ltd (S&EG) and called Readi-Guard, will be launched throughout the UK. Reads-Guard uses the most up-to-date technology and was designed for the Joint Venture A-One+, between Colas Ltd, Halcrow Group Ltd, and Costain Group Plc.

traffic management servicesIt removes manual operation of access points allowing authorised vehicles use of worksites and preventing motorists from wanting to enter work areas which might be restricted to the population, protecting the highways workers inside. Motorist usually try to enter work zones be a catalyst for abuse for highways workers, in particular, those who find themselves operating the access points.

Both Ryan Wood, the Colas technical manager, and Dennis Gregg, Colas associate director and A-one+, recognise your schedule and risks involved whilst being employed as a Traffic Management Operative. Gregg took to spotlight that abuse to highways workers from your drivers of passing vehicles should not ignored as it is, unfortunately, a normal occurrence of their chosen profession.

Both Wood and Gregg agreed that access exactly what to work sites were an actual part of concern’ as this is where highways workers along with the public can interact and, because of this, this leads to potential confrontations. Normally these access points have to be closed and opened manually as a way to allow authorised vehicles usage of a work site. The Readi-Guard takes highways worker outside the feeder point and allowing its operation remotely, preventing confrontations with the public and setting up a safe environment for the kids.

Wood stated that the partnership with S&EG meant that they have created a system that prevents live traffic management services and passing drivers being a danger to highways workers, specially the feeder point operators, after they open work these points. Furthermore, the ease of the systems deployment enables short usage though the system is also designed for long-term usage.

Wood confirmed how the successful trials had resulted in ‘keen interest’ in Readi-Guard from government owned highway operators,and today the device will be rolled to use in the united states. He continued to express that this Readi-Guard is a throughly planned system that solves an issue that developed a real risk to highways workers while others involved in the traffic management.

With the potential for danger to highways workers, this new technology demonstrates the importance for making a safe office by A-One+.