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Have you ever thought about starting your own blogging site to make money? A lot of people do dream of this, but not many actually act upon the idea. Blogging is fast becoming a profitable path to earn an income. As a matter of fact, many successful bloggers make a profit well into the six figures.

Being successful at making money blogging will depend first of all on your desire, determination and work ethic. Just those that are committed and hardworking are successful. Other fields that will be crucial to your success will be researching and picking out a niche that is in high demand, yet has little competition. If you picked out a niche for your blog that has little competition, yet the information is in high demand you will for certain increase your chance for quick profitability.

Setting up your blog in a marketable way will also be important. There are a number of methods to get your web site up and running, and you will need to consider the advantages of each one. Of course, learning to market yourself and your blog will be the most important ingredient to your profitability. You must be able to get the word out and to draw customers to your site in order to turn a profit. Although this may sound intimidating, handed the right tools you will be able to easily be successful.

If you are now imagining, wow blogging for money really could be for me, you will for certain want to download this free report Make Money Blogging. It talks about everything you will need to know on how to get going with your blog. The report goes into detail and gives step by step instructions on how to research your niche, set up your blog site and to market yourself to be profitable. So do not delay it any longer. Download this free report now and get started on your money making adventure.

There are a number of blogs out there these days that all manage to give bad advice! I used to be a newbie too and as such I remember how I wasted my time reading bad advice on pretty looking ‘profession’ blogs.

I often see paid reviews being raved about on many of the top blogging sites. The idea is that once you build your page rank up to something decent, like a pr4 or pr5 then you can start selling links on your blog. Wait, wasn’t I talking about paid review? Oh, that’s right, it’s the same thing! Yes, those ‘white hat’ A-Lister bloggers are actually selling links on their blogs. The links are just contained in a review. Advertisers like this idea because by buying all these links they can artificially boost their rankings by manipulating the search engine data…and the A-Listers help them out and make some money. For more details go to www.blog-and-ping.com. The problem with this business model is that Google doesn’t like it and will ‘slap’ your blog down. By this I mean your page rank will be reduced or wiped out altogether. Everytime there is a Google update the bloggers come out crying in droves! “My PR5 is now a PR2” they all cry. This kills one of their sources of income. A waste of time in the end.

Another idea that always sounds good on paper but in the end only works for the top bloggers is building a list. By list I mean an email list that you can spam with a number of affiliate products. The problem with this method is that by the time you, the regular average blogger get your hands on a new affiliate product, the top bloggers have already sold it to almost everybody in the niche! It’s like a pyramid scheme. It only works out well for those at the VERY top.

Another time waster is working on building up your feed count. Your feed reader count is supposed to be important in establishing credibility for your blog. Again, the credibility is supposed to make your readers trust you more. That way when you try to sell them another “get rich quick” book they are more likely to buy it…because they trust you. You are credible.


Notice that none of these methods involve driving search engine traffic to your sites? That is because most of these A-Lister blogger types are really newbies in disguise. They haven’t got a clue as to increase search traffic to their blogs yet they pretend to have all the answers regarding how to make money online! For more help visit www.atoz-about-rss.com. The basic idea behind A-List blogging is to first become a famous blogger and then to cash in on that fame by impressing newbies with your stature and selling them everything you can get your hands on. The problem is that only so many of you can become or will become famous bloggers!

So in the end the vast majority of you who are following this model are going to fail. It is a matter of statistic. This is why more and more people are learning about niche blogging.


Technology has spread far and wide. So is the number of people using it. The number of blogs that are being registered each day shows a huge increase on a day-to-day basis. There are different reasons as to why each person maintains a blog. For some it is a method of letting others know of their suggestions and opinions on various aspects. For some others, it is an avenue to show off their literary talents. But, there are several business-minded people who think of ways to earn money from their blogs. There are innumerable ideas available online to begin earning from your blogs, but here, we will discuss four main strategies that you can make use of, to start earning from your blog.

You can sell some space in your blog for advertisements on your own. This is the most common method of earning through a blog. However, this strategy may show results only if your blog is popular and has a high traffic to it. But, if your blog is not that popular, you can make use of Google AdSense programs to place ads. Here, you get paid, based on the number of visitors who click the ad placed within your blog. Out of organizations offering such services, Google AdSense is free, but Blog Ads levies some commission from the blogger.

The second strategy is to use your blog to sell products from others, who might be interested in selling their products online. You can also include tags and links within your blog, which takes readers to the particular website. In this case, for every unique visitor who clicks the link or tag, you are rewarded. For example, within a blog post, you can mention of the particular product that is available online, and get your readers to go there. If a sale happens, you will be rewarded.

If you are good at a particular service, and you feel that you can sell your services, your blog can form an avenue for that. For example, architects and interior designers can put up their portfolios within the blog, and that can attract business. There are several astrologers who use their blogs to sell their services. You can also express your abilities in a particular skill. That will let your readers know your level of knowledge in that topic, and that will turn in more business for you.

You need to treat your existing clients very well. Your blog can be used to deepen the relations you hold with them. When you regularly communicate with your existing customers about your business, new readers will also be intrigued to know what you do. This in turn helps to increase the traffic to your blog. They might recommend you to other people they know.

Though many of us use our blogs as a private space to yell out all that we feel and like, if used wisely, they can prove the best gateways to obtain easy money.

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