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Why is English essential for communication?

English is an everyday language and needs to be learnt properly. It is required for communication and particularly for people who want to go to America for education this language is extremely important. Learning English online involves some of the basic steps. They are the following:

Make you learn the basic grammar: ? This is the first part of online education. They will give you the basics of English grammar. What you need to do is just go through them and make yourself acquainted with the basics of grammar. This is because without learning grammar you will not be able to grasp the language properly. You can also learn your own grammar from the basic grammar books that are available in the market. The most important things while learning English is the learner?s own endeavor. If you do not have that endeavor, then learning any language will be very difficult for you.

The basic language skills: ? This is taught to the beginner by imparting knowledge in a scientific way. The beginner is taught about the basics of the language by making him listen to videos in which the language is spoken basically for the beginners. Most of the time it is spoken by some British people who have a grasp into the language (a native so to say). From this the learner learns the accent of the language and also the basic skills. This provides him a sound knowledge and he can actually learn the language very fast if he learns it in this manner.

Professional development: ? To ensure that the learner has really understood the language skills and can readily apply them, language tests are held. The language tests are of great importance and they are the best means of testing the knowledge that you have acquired. There are basic grammar tests and test on comprehension. Sometimes, as is considered to the great importance your vocabulary skills are also tested.

Management and leadership skills: ? Some people learn the English language in order to communicate properly (especially people who want a managerial position in their office need to learn this language very well). For this reason, managerial skills are also aught with the English language. The managerial skills include the basic gestures that are indications of the elitist society and they are taught to the learners. These things are basically taught in an online school.

If you suspect you are not as efficient a reader as you wish to be, this
article is for you. An efficient reader is one who reads the main ideas
and skips the relatively unimportant words and phrases. Some not so
efficient readers wonder, what are the main ideas? The main idea of a
passage is the central thought or message. If reading fast and
skillfully is what you aim at, then you must train yourself to attack on
the main ideas of a paragraph or a passage. As mentioned above, main
idea refers to the point or thought expressed in a particular passage.

We would now discuss how to identify, read and absorb main ideas.
Following are a few tips on reading faster and efficiently with the help
of main ideas.

1) Firstly, go through the entire
passage quickly and try to frame an idea about what general points do
the author want to make in this passage. Once you can answer that
question, you have more likely found the main idea.

2) Most of the times, the main ideas can be picked out from the first three paragraphs
of an article. Pay special attention to these paragraphs and try to identify the main idea expressed in this article.

Concentrate on the repeated words, phrases and thoughts. The author
might want to convey the central thought by putting it in different ways
and sentences. If an author returns to the same thought in several
different sentences or paragraphs, that idea is the main or central

Once you feel sure that you have identified the main or the focal idea
under discussion, ask yourself ?Does the main idea supports the
examples, reasons, facts and explanations included in the passage?? If
not, you might want to revise your notion on the author?s main idea.

The main idea of this article is that if you like to be an efficient
reader, push briskly through details to grasp main ideas than focusing
on relatively minor points.

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Reading fast is another term used for speed reading. Speed
reading helps instill a new passion for reading. Readers gain more
control over their reading abilities and also their overall desire to
read increases. In order to read faster and better develop your reading
abilities, certain steps can be followed to harness your speed reading
ability, such as eliminating vocalization or sub vocalization when you
are reading, avoiding the chance of re-reading, and reading a sentence
in chunks to pick up the pace. These steps are quite easy to follow. In
addition to these steps, there are certain methods that can be done to
improve your speed reading techniques which will also be explained later

Steps to improve speed reading:

Eliminate vocalization or sub vocalization as you read (sounding the words either
out loud or in your head). The vocalization of words dramatically
reduces your speed reading abilities, as your lips need time to sound
out each word. Another way of reading faster is instead of reading word
by word, read it in chunks or even as a sentence. The longer you spend
on each word, the slower you will read the word. This is why it is
important to read phrases of multiple words so as to increase your
reading speed. Try practicing on a news paper with columns that have 4
to 5 words wide, so that you have a better sense of reading it in
chunks. Another mistake that is commonly done is re-reading the text
that you have read.

Many readers make this error. By doing so, it
disrupts the brains flow; hence, slowing down a person’s speed reading
ability. In addition, a reader can also lightly skim the text, either
before or after reading the text. Skimming through the text before
reading will introduce you to the topic of the material that you are
about to read, which will give you a brief idea of what the material is
about. On the other hand, skimming after reading a particular material,
will allow a reader to draw key points out of particularly hard or dense
to read material.

Methods of speed reading:

In addition to these steps, there are certain methods that a person can
try as well. The index card method is basically a folded piece of paper
to cover the whole width of the page. Placing it under the line that you
are reading will help you to better focus on the sentence. More
importantly, it will reduce the chance of re-reading. Another great
method is the ‘sweep method’. The sweep method is still in use nowadays
by children and is the most effective way of speed reading. This method
is simple. By simply sweeping your finger along each line that you read
and moving it under each word as well, greatly increases a person’s
speed reading ability. Also move your entire forearm and not only your
wrist as you will be able to cover the whole line and will help you
focus better.

However, all these steps and methods will go to
waste unless the person is an active reader. Speed reading requires an
active reading, which means, instead of assuming that the information
will pop out from the book, become an inquisitor by putting yourself in
the midst of the book.

This will help you keep more focused on the
book and will make it even more interesting to read. Active reading
also means stopping to think about what you’re reading, as you read it.
Stopping to think may not sound like much of a speed reading tactic and
it’s not, but it is a smart-reading tactic that everyone should employ.
If you find something interesting, pause either to reflect or even note
the information in your book.

Here is a simple way to find out how good your speed reading techniques are:
* Setup a timer for 1 minute
* Mark the line you started reading
* Start reading and stop when the minute is up
* Mark the line where you stopped
* Count the number of lines that you have read (no. of lines)
* Take the second line and count the number of words in this line, including words like I, and, etc? (no. of words per line)
* No. of lines X no. of words per minute = WPM (your words per minute reading speed)

Speed reading is a fantastic way to take in as much as possible while
reading. The above steps and methods will only help increase and improve
your speed reading techniques. Try the above steps with your regular
reading pace, and after practicing the several tips mentioned in this
article, try the measuring process again to see how much you have
improved. Speed reading is a great tool to use and will come in handy at
any point in time.

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