San Antonio Animal Care Services euthanizes 2000 adoptable dogs thus far this year

The City of San Antonio Animal Care Services (ACS) just posted a celebratory announcement on the Facebook page that fiscal year 2014 is “Our biggest success story yet!” Of course anytime animals aren’t put to sleep and adopted or rescued is really a time to celebrate. But what ACS didn’t mention is the variety of dogs which are euthanized.
The agency actually euthanized more dogs it called “healthy and treatable” during the first half a year of 2014 than it did in 2013.
WatchDogMary’s analysis of the most recent statistics the City publishes online shows from:
So far in 2010 ACS euthanized 777 more dogs it classified as “healthy or treatable” than recently.
Though ACS a greater intake inside the number of dogs within the first few months of 2014 than 2013, the comparison of total euthanization numbers are:
So far the City killed 12 less dogs overall this season than last. In 2013 ACS euthanized a lot more than 4,000 dogs.
ACS touts “no kill” then kills dogs
ACS also touted on Facebook yesterday, “We never have had to euthanize any animals for space during the last 3 days!! No-kill is arriving, San Antonio – it’s right around the corner.” But as soon as the city shelter opened this morning several dogs were shipped to be euthanized, their pictures are featured on this slide show. Volunteers tell WatchDogMary ACS has numerous empty kennels right now and they’re stunned.
Today this mother lab with puppies concerned to be euthanized, but an Indiana group, Lucky Lab Rescue and Adoption, agreed to rescue the entire family, who still require a foster home in the San Antonio area. It isn’t the 1st time ACS euthanized mother dogs who had pups. In September volunteers and San Antonio residents were outraged when three mothers of puppies were all killed a single day, their pups were left out, including that one who was five weeks old.
When WatchDogMary reached in the market to the City of San Antonio Mayor’s office, the City Manager’s office and ACS head Kathy Davis relating to this in mid September, Davis replied on September 30th via email saying, “Our statistical information is listed on our website for transparency at We are celebrating today because this will be our 4th ‘no euthanasia’ day for space inside month of September. We include the only open admission shelter in San Antonio with annual intake of 30,000 dogs and cats. We’ve been above 80% live release rate on a monthly basis since last December. Sadly, its not all pet finds a property, which is why we assist rescue groups who market our great pets nationwide.”
WatchDogMary asked Davis which four days in September there were no euthanasia. Davis have not responded.
And in the stunning move which limits transparency, accountability and backlash from critics, ACS insiders tell volunteers the City asked the non-profit, San Antonio Pets Alive, (SAPA), which posts pictures of dogs at an increased risk each day on Facebook, to eliminate posts where dogs were euthanized. Prior to the change, which just started now, every time a dog, like this place, was euthanized SAPA would update the post saying, “was past deadline without placement and was euthanized We are so sorry ๐Ÿ™ ..RIP”. Usually angry comments would follow from people that were searching for the dog a property or calling for improvements at ACS. But now as opposed to having a picture of the dog which was killed, the pooches simply become a statistic.
These pictures show dogs that were posted on Facebook by SAPA this morning, then the posts were changed to say the dogs were released to euthanasia, now the posts of the dogs have been removed from Facebook. Animal rescue advocates say ACS routinely monitors its own Facebook threads and deletes any angry or critical comments left by posters.
How are you able to help?
If you have any thoughts regarding the place and how to use sapa trekking tours (extra resources), you can contact us at our webpage. San Antonio has a massive animal overpopulation problem. They need more local residents to volunteer to be temporary “foster parents” for dogs. Fostering literally saves lives by letting pooches to stay with you, usually in one to 4 weeks, until rescue groups and volunteers will find “furever homes” for your dog, or they could be transferred to another rescue group out of state.
If you reside anywhere near San Antonio and could be interested in fostering, please contact San Antonio Pets Alive (SAPA). On the organization’s website you will observe a banner indicating how desperately they want fosters and how to apply.
Many of the dogs that come into the shelter may be adopted and safely transported anywhere inside the US. If you’re reading this article and live in the united states you can still help. Most of these animals are perfectly nice, healthy pooches who ended up at the pound through no fault of their own. If you want to apply to adopt any in the dogs you see on this SAPA page contact the shelter and so they can help you arrange out of state transport. Mission:Miracle K9 also can assist you.
Some dogs will likely be put down in the next few hours. Volunteers say if an individual seems like a perfect fit for the family, or you fall in love with a glimmer in a very dog’s eye, please move quickly, the situation is dire. Email: if you are considering adopting any of the puppies whose mother’s were euthanized today also email SAPA.
The City and SAPA help in and out of state groups which rescue dogs. There are now transports leaving the San Antonio area which bring pooches all over the country, extending its love to Washington, New England and Illinois.
And remember: Spay and neuter your pet. Period. End of story. It saves lives by not creating more doggone dogs.
If you wish to contact the City of San Antonio, this link allows you to email the Mayor’s office, this also link the City Manager’s Office.