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Rear end you state the difference?Genus Melia Robinson/Tech Insider
Take a sharpness proscribed of a VeganBurg Warren E. Burger and you mightiness be surprised to line up that it tastes equivalent a libertine intellectual nourishment Burger.
The texture of the plant-based patty reminds you of something you mightiness catch from McDonald’s. It’s naught particular.
But that’s genial of what San Francisco’s fresh vegan dating a hunter hamburger joint, VeganBurg, is release for.
These days, fast-food burgers pass the gamut from the classic McDonald’s Magnanimous Mack to Seafarer In The Box’s Hella-Peo Burger Munchie Repast. At that place aren’t many quick-serving Warren Burger options for vegetarians, Lashkar-e-Toiba solitary vegans.

vegan dating tumblrThen there’s VeganBurg, a plant-based Warren E. Burger restaurant that got its offset in Singapore. The mountain range open its firstly US location in San Francisco’s earthy-crunchy Haight region in December. We stopped by to run into if it “meats” the hype.
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