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best fishing kayaksTo Andy’s credit, he did finally manage to land a nice thirty inch redfish. Despite the fact that during that melee, he dropped his kayak paddle, had to get out of his boat, lost one shoe and waded at least 25 yards! Fish on Andy!

You don’t need a lot of money to get into kayak fishing. Obviously you need a kayak. I have a Heritage Feather Light 9, which was designed for fishing. Before that I fished from an inflatable Sevylor I bought off a Kool-aide vendor after he used it for a display, so any kayak will do. Oars can also be costly. I use a mid-range one now, however, the $20.00 one I had before was sufficient. I used to use a cheap foam and strap roof rack, which could be loaded and unloaded fairly effortlessly. However, I feel safer and more secure with the Thule rack I have now. It is sturdier, quicker, and wicked easier to use.

After a discussion with another biker, the owner of Canoe Outfitters in St. Petersburg, the idea sprung to create the same cover for a canoe. In 2008, a year and a lot of research later, the canopy designed for a kayak launched.

The kayak fishing hand paddle is a compact and lightweight paddle, specifically designed to use with one hand, while keeping the fishing pole in the other. This simple concept to a complex problem is revolutionizing the sport of kayak fishing.

There is also the mobility aspect of kayak fishing. A lot of times if the fish aren’t biting where you are, they are elsewhere. It’s easy to fish a bay here, a point there, a cove on the other side of the lake, the inlet etc… Estes Park is a small town, and often I’ll run across some of my fishing buddies in one of the lake’s honey holes. My kayak has two rod holders so I can troll while I travel from spot to spot. The rod holders aren’t necessary, as you can place your rod in the bow of the boat and troll backwards.

If you’re into fishing and boating, the Big California Sur area in Mexico is the best place to do it. Journey to the city of La Paz and visit the marina as they have fishing and diving trips for locals and tourists alike. The Tortuga Sport Fishing is one such outfit that can bring you to the nicest spots.

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