Start Making Jerk Chicken

When you enter the supermarket, it’s easy to become overwhelmed. We
are often bombarded by a huge number of different options, and these
days there’s two of everything since the organic fad has hit the
mainstream. Suddenly everything comes in regular and organic, and we
have to decide which direction we want to go. So should you buy organic
chicken? Or should you stay with the regular, mass produced type that is
usually much, much cheaper? In today’s article we take a look at where
you should spend your dollar, and help you make the right, smart choice.

let’s look at what the organic label implies. Organic chicken growers
are legally prohibited from using sewage as fertilizer, any synthetic
chemicals not approved by the National Organic Program of the U.S.
Department of Agriculture (USDA), and or any genetically modified
organisms (GMO’s). This only goes of chickens that are specifically
labeled as organic, however. What this means is that the meat will not
contain any artificial or synthetic elements that your grandparents
would not have been eating when they were kids.

Further, buying
organic means that the chickens were raised in humane conditions, which
in turn means they were not packed into tight quarters with each other.
What this means for you and society at large is that it helps prevent
the spread of antibiotic resistant bacteria which tend to proliferate in
these circumstances. Growers in these conditions tend to pump the
chickens full of anti-biotics, but this only makes the bacteria more
resistant. “USDA Organic” chickens are allowed to go outside, and are
not given antibiotics.

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organic means healthier, in that studies have shown that organic meat
contains more heart-healthy omega-3 fatty acids. Omega 3’s are the
miracle supplement that helps reduce inflammation, the risk of heart
disease and a host of other benefits, while eating organic chickens can
also greatly reduce your
chance of food poisoning. In 2010, a study found that fewer than 6% of
organic chicken products were infected with salmonella, while almost 39%
of regular chicken products were.

So which should you buy,
regular chicken at half the price, or the more expensive organic
chicken? The truth is that from a nutritional point of view there’s not
too much difference, but from a health point of view the smart money is
clearly on your buying organic, both for your own sake and that of the

If you are trying to get woman back, but you were a jerk to her, you may not deserve her. That may not be what you want to hear but it may very well be the truth. It is good that you recognize that you may have had a problem but what are you going to do about it and why should she want you back? Until you figure those things out you may not get woman back.

Here’s what you need to do to get woman back:

1) Change the way you look at women. If you consider them property then you do not deserve a chance. View them as people deserving of respect and do your best to give it to them and you might have a chance. To love women you need to respect women.

2) Change the way you treat women. Chivalry is not dead. Be a gentleman and treat them as queens. If you can pull this off your chances improve. Be subtle about it and try not to draw attention. You don’t want to look like you are faking it. They will notice. Women are smart like that and if she doesn’t notice she will have a friend notice and tell her. Your credibility may be shot.

3) Learn humility. This will go a long way towards helping you get woman back.

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4) Let her know that you were a jerk. If she tells you that you were, just agree with her. If she exaggerates, or it seems like she is, remember that to her she isn’t. The only person’s opinion that matters is hers if your goal is to get woman back. You’re selling and you’re trying to get her to buy. The customer is always right.

5) Find out if she wants some space or if she wants you to come begging and then give her what she wants. This will be a tough thing to do. You may have to ask around to people who know her well. She may even think that your efforts to try out are worth giving you a second thought.


6) Try and convince her friends that you are changed. You will have to do this first. They will be skeptical of you and will be most interested in protecting their friend that you hurt. If you can win her friends then you have won the major part of the battle. If you try and get ex back first, you will have trouble convincing her and even if you do, they may talk her out of it. Do you want her trusted friends for you or against you?

7) Don’t tell her that you have changed, show her. Words are great but it doesn’t mean anything unless there is some action to back it up. You need more than words.

8) Think about the long term and if you are going to be able to make this change permanent. If you can’t then you are going to end up in the same place you are now but only with a smaller chance to get woman back.

Keeping chickens as pets is fun and useful. Chickens are easy to
tame, not excessively noisy (as long as you don’t have a rooster) and if
you keep their house clean they are not dirty and are usually very
healthy. Forget the old-fashioned barnyard full of dust and dirt; you
can have a neat, pretty hen house in your backyard. You can buy a kit or a ready-made hen house from most pet shops or hardware outlets.

are good for your garden. They scratch around, disturbing any weeds and
peck up garden pests like snails. They are good for fertilizing your
veggies but make sure you compost the fertilizer first. It can be too
strong in its fresh state. You can compost any food scraps the chickens
don’t eat, too.

Chickens love fresh fruit and vegetable scraps,
crusts, and other leftovers but don’t give them orange peel, they don’t
eat it. Make sure to clean up anything they don’t eat because food
scraps lying around are unsightly and can attract vermin. It’s a good
idea to have a quick cleanup before dark each day. A quick rake and
scoop into the compost bin each day only takes a minute and you’ll have a
nice clean chicken house. Generally, chickens are very healthy and live
for about ten years. They lay every day except in winter. As they get
older, they don’t lay as often.

Chickens can survive on garden
scratchings and food scraps but they really should get some extra
vitamins and minerals. The easiest way to feed them well is to buy some
layers pellets. Get chicken pellets especially formulated for laying
chickens because they contain all the necessary elements for healthy
egg-laying chickens. You will want your chickens to be in peak condition
because their eggs will be in peak condition. You will benefit from
having the best quality and best tasting eggs you have ever eaten in
your life. There is a difference in the taste of a happy, well-fed,
backyard pet chicken and that of a cage-bred battery hen.

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you first crack open an egg from your chickens you will probably notice
the yolk is a very rich golden color. This is because of the healthy
fresh greens your chickens get to eat. Battery hens only get pellets so
their eggs don’t have real, natural vitamins. All their vitamins are
from pellets. The eggs taste best when they are fresh and you won’t get
any fresher than one from your own hens each day.

If you have no
rooster, the eggs will not be fertilized. This means they will never
produce a baby chicken. Some children hate the thought they are
depriving a mother hen from her children. You can safely explain the
eggs will never have chickens and your children can enjoy their gift
from their hens.

Chickens are not clever like dogs and cats but
they can be friendly. They like a daily routine, so if you feed them and
clean their house at the same time every day they will come to enjoy
your company, as long as you are not too loud or make sudden movements.
It won’t take long for them to come running every time they see you with
their food bowl. If you like gardening they will ‘help you’ by sifting
through the freshly weeded or turned dirt, looking for insects and
snails. Their chatter as they scratch through the dirt is quite amusing.