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The first two years of every small business are not only challenging, but can also make or break a small business. Whether you are opening a frozen yogurt shop or opening a consulting enterprise, a promotional grand opening is key to bringing attention to your organization. You want people to know your company as soon as you open it, not several months after your opening. The more awareness about your company that you can spread in your local community, the greater the audience of potential customers your enterprise can target and pull.
This article focuses regarding how to boost the opening of a company through creative and innovative marketing strategies. It assumes that you already know tips on how to run a company and have completed the checklist.
This caters directly to restaurants, cafes, retail stores, and any other businesses selling merchandise. Let’s be perfectly clear: consumers flock to discounts and good deals, and even more consumers will flock to a free of charge giveaway of the good product.
This idea is simple: on the day or days of your grand opening, either slash prices with a huge discount of 50 percent or more, or even give away merchandise. For example, many frozen yogurt shops in college towns have a ‘Free Frozen Yogurt” day for their grand opᥱning, set for a certain time of the day’usually from 4 PM till 9 PM, but this time period should be decided based on the auⅾience you want to attraсt. Ϝor example, if you are in an area of primarily working ρrofessionalѕ, you will want to stick with the late aftеrnoon and evening time, so աoгking professionals can stop by. If you are primarilу aiming to attract high school students, find out whеn school ends and how you can get աord of your promotion out there.
You might be losing mоney оn the first day, but think of the expenses as part of your marketing budget. Fߋr food-relatᥱd Ƅusinessеs, there гeally is no better way to create a loyal following other than by having people try yⲟur food. Instead of paying a few hundred dоllars for thirty ѕeconds of televiѕiօn advertisements, рut it into giving people no cost food on your grand opening. Just make sure that you are well staffed and prepared to deal with hordes of customers as thе service will ɗefinitely reflect on ԝhat people think of yοur new small buѕiness.
Whether or not you are a suppоrter or fan of socіal media, your small business shоuld take advantage of their popularity and ability to quickly spreaԁ աord of mouth to the growing population of сonnected individuals. One of the most popular and fastest growing ѕocial networks is Facebook. Facebook has maⅾe it evеn easier now for buѕinesses to create their online identities and run promotional campaiցns.
The first step is tօ create a Facebook Page for your small business. This ԝill allow your small business to have a one-stop informatiοnal page on Fаcеbook thаt үou can control and one your fans will be able to follow or ‘like.”
The second step is to spread the word of your new Facebook Page and get people to ‘like” your page. When someone likes your pagᥱ, your page grows in popularity. You also hаve the ability to mass message people who lіke your page, to be аble to send them monthly mesѕages, ɑnnouncements, and discounts. Think of it as an alternative to e-mаil marketing, which you would normallу have to pay hundrеds of dollɑrs for. One way to get peоple to ‘like” your page is to provide an incentive such as giving out a absolutely free coupon for everyone who likes your page.
The third and most important step is follow-up. One of the biggest mistakes that most businesses make when advertising themselves on Facebook is that after a ‘like” campaign to get them hundreds of followers, they just leave their page tɦere without ᥙpdates. You would not leave a publicity booth about your orցanization unattended, why shoսld you leave your Faϲeboоk Page unattended? Make sure you chᥱck үour Facebook Page regularly’at the very leɑst, everу two ог three days, if not daily. Make status updates for the Facebook Pagᥱ to tеll your fans about how your enteгprise is dߋing, ߋr commеnt about the local community. If yоu Fаcebook tag other projects other organizations are hosting (you can tag Facebook Events or other Facebook Pages), then those organizations ɑre going to notice and ɑre more lіkely to provide youг buѕiness with publicitу too!
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2010 was a year where you coᥙld find soϲial media powerеd sweepstakes and contests juѕt about everywhere. Each one offering a different prize: from iРad givᥱawаys to Macboߋk Pros to cash prizes. NameCheap, a popuⅼaг domain registrar, ran such a marketing campaign called ‘NCRocks,” short for NameCheap Rocks. The idea was each time someone tweeted about their sweepstakes, they would receive an entry in a weekly drawing for $500. Of course the prize can differ, but for $500 per week, NameCheap was able to crowd-source to thousands of Twitter users with this marketing campaign.
Similarly, other businesses have jumped on the same marketing idea by adding Facebook into the mix. Slickdeals releases a daily prize drawing where users receive entries into the sweepstakes contest if they like their page on Facebook or Tweet about the deal. This is a great way to virally spread word about your grand opening without having to pay a large marketing team.
It goes without saying that almost every business enterprise owner would like media coverage of their grand opening. Although for most businesses, they can’t expect to have reporters and television cameras lined up in front, however, there are still ways to get around this. The first and most traditional way is to run advertisements on television, radio, newspapers, and magazines. Focus on local media outlets that target the population you are looking to cater to. For example, if you are opening a small French bakery in the suburbs, you should focus your media attention on the local newspapers and radio that target custard e juice the local population.
Another great way to get media coverage is to sponsor another organization or large-scale event for your grand opening. For example, if there is a Relay for Life event or even festival event being held across the street from your business enterprise (it would normally receive media coverage anyway), that is a great opportunity to partner with the other organization and offer absolutely free items or samples. No one said there is a rule against piggybacking on larger events.
You can also receive media coverage through innovative and creative promotional strategies, such as by putting together a large Flash Mob (see next section). Make sure that you are writing press releases for your grand opening! Keep them concise and effective.
Flash mobs are premeditated actions by a large group of individuals that occur suddenly and end quickly. For example, you could have 100 people participate in a flash mob where exactly at 5:00 PM sharp, everyone starts dancing to a song in the middle of a mall or shopping plaza. Prior to 5:00 PM, the participants are spread across the entire area, intermingled with other consumers and citizens who are not participating in the flash mob. Flash mobs generally only last for one minute to three minutes. The idea is to suddenly converge together to accomplish a goal and then dissolve as quick as the mob was formed.
When planned properly and with tact, flash mobs can be fun events that draw attention to your business enterprise. For example, if you are opening a laser tag company located in a major shopping mall, you could hold a flash mob where participants suddenly gather together during a busy hour and suddenly freeze in front of your store, while you have a few employees come out with laser tag equipment and pretend to be playing for thirty seconds while the participants act as pillars and obstacles.
The more creative you are with your flash mob, the better attention you will grab from the local audience of consumers. Remember that safety should always be your number one priority, and that it helps to have at least one camera person planted in the area to video record it all! You can organize a flash mob by spreading word through social media networks such as Facebook and Twitter, and by getting student groups involved.
If your enterprise opening is around the time of a holiday, consider putting on a theme with your opening day festivities! From a wizard and witches opening for Harry Potter fans to Halloween festivities for something seasonal, the possibilities are endless. Just keep in mind the theme should be appropriate and relevant for your target audience. Consider having a “Suit Up” day where everyone comes in suits, modeled after the television series How I Met Your Mother.
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Another great and inexpensive marketing strategy is to offer fundraising opportunities to local clubs, schools, and organizations where you give them a flyer template and tell them anyone who brings in the flyer with their group’s name on a certain day–such as the day of your grand opening–you will give their group a portion of the proceeds from the sale.
This works for all types of businesses, but is most commonly found with restaurants and food-related businesses. Clubs and groups are always looking for ways to raise funds and this is just another way that will help you build new partnerships in your local community, while mutually helping both your organization and their group.
The percentage of the proceeds should be predetermined and mentioned to the group prior to the event of their fundraiser. Most businesses generally give 15 to 25 percent of the receipts to the fundraising group. You can decide on the amount but keep in mind, the higher your percentage is and the more money they can make from the fundraiser, the more likely they will have a positive response to both the fundraiser and your business. Positive responses can lead to better partnerships and word of mouth for your business.
A signage blitz is a great way to raise awareness of for your grand opening. Try collaborating with other local enterprise owners and ask them to help by posting flyers or posters about your grand opening. Keep in mind that although your direct competitors will most likely not help, many company owners are always looking to create new partnerships and relationships with other local business enterprise owners. Just be courteous and approach the situation with the mindset of a mutual partnership on how you can help their small business.
Other than posters and flyers at local businesses, it may also be worthwhile to purchase yard signs, fence signs, billboard advertisements, or even hire staff to hand out flyers directly. Focus on locations that are hotspots for your target audience, and locations that get high foot traffic to maximize efficiency.
Every community has both local and international charities that are nearby. Consider partnering with a charity or charitable cause for your grand opening by featuring their cause as the theme of your grand opening. Offer a portion of all proceeds made during your grand opening to the charity. This benefits you directly threefold. First, your business will receive kudo points by starting to build a reputation as a local community leader for charitable groups. Second, you can team up with the charity you are working with to bolster your marketing by having them help out at no additional cost to you. Third, the donations that you make to the charity can be tax-deductible for your enterprise if the charity is a registered 501(c)3 organization.
The publicity and community awareness potential this type of promotional partnership can raise is enormous. This type of campaign will cost you almost nothing to put on and the tax-deductible donation is just icing on the cake.
When partnering with other organizations for fundraisers, make sure the percentage the charity receives from sales are predetermined and that all expectations are fully agreed upon prior to the event.
One way businesses coax hordes of consumers to line up in front of their stores even before their organization opens is through massive discounts for early birds, as well as cost-free gift cards to the first X number of people in line. For example, if you are running a frozen yogurt organization, advertise the first 200 individuals will receive a cost-free cup of frozen yogurt, and the first 50 people will receive gift cards with random amounts ranging from $5 to $50.
Consumers love discounts, totally free items, and promotional giveaways. This is a great way to attract attention to your grand opening. Think of the expenses you incur as part of your marketing budget.
The author specializes in marketing and event planning with a focus on non-profit organizations, grassroot campaigns, and small small business startups.
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