When I first got into Internet Marketing I thought the business was populated with geniuses. I thought these marketers had far more moxie, know how, and work ethic than I did. I also figured that they knew something that I didn’t know, and worse, something I couldn’t know!

#3 is to use the bum marketing method. This is the cheapest form of internet marketing. This was developed by Travis Sago and his wife. They came up with this method which incorporates blogging, article writing, and squido. You don’t have to invest any money and all you have to do is write, write, and write. By submitting your articles to the correct website you can end up on top of the searches.

Learn the skills. Also take about the same amount of time each day and dedicate it to learning online marketing skills. Don’t get caught up in any sales hype promising you the world at your feet! I had to through that in because this is total garbage and will keep you from learning how to really make money online. The skills you really need to learn are marketing skills. Keyword research, how to find and use keywords to optimize you’re heading tags, anchor text links and internal linking structure. This may sound complicated but honestly by taking a little time to educate yourself you will find it’s really not that difficult. Just take your time and learn these skills because how your market will likely determine your success.


One more reason is that you simply ant your internet design group to focus their energies on designing the site. By bringing an SEO guide in you’ll be able to have specialists focus on what they know easy methods to do best. An search engine marketing guide goes to take their bag of tips and primarily arm your website and engage in a battle of wits with the various search engines and their ranking algorithms.

If you have RSS feeds or a sitemap, then the next step is to “ping” your feed to get it indexed in Moreover. You will need to use a ping service. Sites like Pingomatic will allow you to ping your RSS feed to show Moreover your site has been updated.

Enroll in an online school. Follow and learn the lessons! Do your homework. Then apply your new skills and make money online. You can do it! It’s even fun! Especially when the money comes in.