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Nike footwear to follow up its well-known athletes wrapped head to toe, the introduction of tennis and basketball apparel, including a collection of promotion, by superstars Michael Jordan and John McEnroe. In 1988, Nike’s “just do it” slogan, introduced, it is still the most famous and successful one commercial taglines. In 1990, the first Nike Town store opened in Portland, Oregon, in 1996 the company signed Tiger Woods golf 20050903.In 1971, Johnson has made immeasurable contributions to the company: one night, he dreamed of Nike, the Greek goddess of victory, and suggested that his boss’s name. The company’s first footwear products for its name as the characteristics of the “Tornado” signs – one is called the Nike soccer cleat, his name Knights defeated the proposal, they call it the size 6.In 1999, Bill ? Bowerman, Nike co-founder, at the age of 88. The company acquired bankrupt rival 305 U.S. dollars against 2.003 billion. In 2004,Nike, Phil Knight stepped down as CEO and president, but he continued as chairman. In Beaverton, Oregon, Nike corporate headquarters is still the largest and most successful companies operating today.As a very famous Nike company, Nike stores are all over the world. As subsidiarides from Nike company, many people think of such imagine- every employees should be satisfied with their workplace.Alomst everyone are painstaking research how to make Nike products better quality. Almost employees in store are thinking how to increase sales. More over designers of Nike series considered how to make Nike new series, i.e. Nike Air, Mercurial Vapor more popular from children to old. Is that ture? Do Nike really do well to employee?Nike is a company based in Beaverton, Oregon, United states of America. It was first established in 1971 after Phil Knight (Nike’s chief executive) had finally managed to make a deal with Tiger, a subsidiary of the Onitsuka Company, to change its name to Nike.

Tornado is a trademark from Portland State University graphic design student Carolyn Davidson created a file called. She created her 35 dollars. Looking to expand the line, Bowerman started the shoes with rubber studs test the concept. Through his wife’s waffle iron compounds into the liquid rubber, Bowerman created an innovative running shoe. Nike launched the “shoes on”, exhibited in the United States Olympic trials in Eugene,Oregon, in 1972 the only competitive athletes Waffle. Inheritance of shoes,soles, on the basis of many muffins, followed. One of the most famous car in some waffle, Air Force One, Air Max 97.When the T shirt has a lowercase “Nike” logo design scripts Davidson hit this year, people are not familiar with the name asked: “Who is Mike store?” When they found the shirts. A growing number of elite athletes in Nike shoes. Runner-up Mark secretly cross the finish line is the first athlete to wear Nike shoes. Nike shoes by a professional athlete, tennis personality Nastase of Romania signed on the pitch wearing Nike for the first time agreed. In 1977, the former aerospace engineer Frank Rudy collaboration with Nike to create the first wholly-owned unit of the air -the impact of high pressure gas compression durable shopping bags full, and then jump back. As a result, Nike Air, hit stores in 1979.In 1980, Nike in public. 1984 saw the basketball star Michael Jordan signed an endorsement deal, launched in 1985 followed by his signature shoe, Air Jordan. Originally, it was NBA prohibit new shoes, because it does not meet the Union’s dress, but the ban only served to design a higher profile and extensive publicity. Nike’s revenue nike free run coral red in 1986, over 10 billion dollars for the first time.