Watering your green spots? Never Mind $$$

Threatened once again by our governing bodies, how much more can we take. I hear we are to be penalized with higher council taxes for making our houses into a home by decorating or adding a conservatory.

People are going to be weary of putting a lick of paint on the walls. Heaven forbid what do this government want more slums, because that is exactly what is going to happen.

Okay fine I will pay your extra taxes you ask for but do I get any compensation or council tax deductions for all the years living next door to drug traffickers asylum seekers, pedophiles. I leave you sitting on that one.

What is it going to take for dumb folk like me to see through the barbaric way our country is run? We are like lambs to the slaughter. We have a failing education system, a failing police force and then we have the failing health system. How can we or our children excel in life, when there is so much negativity and not enough positivity.

How worried is our government about the health system?

I believe they are doing everything in their power to sort matters. It is because of their powers why the health system is the way it is today. Because of this political force people are pressurized into living their lives like a survival course. Working all the hours god sends to put a crust on the table only to have the government get their grubby fingers into your pay packet leaving you with only crumbs.

The whole of the damned nation and that is what it is damned, live in fear of the black/brown brief case that contains the key to all our futures. The Budget causes more stress and anxiety to a lot of innocent victims who have felt the need to take an overdose or even worse their lives because they can not make ends meet.

Lucky patients that get to sit up in bed and not on a trolley in a corridor, count your blessings before the day of the next budget. Contributing to society the way the government is doing by raising peoples anxiety/stress levels is killing any respect from the nation.

Two of the biggest causes of a heart attack is anxiety/stress, no wonder our health system is as it is today.

Our system is not able to cope with the shortage of beds doctor’s nurses etc if the people in power keep putting more patients there. Demand for a bed in our hospitals is way of life we have all grown accustomed too or lost a life because of what we have become accustomed too.

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