Therefore, you’ve made a decision to install a hardwood floor as your do-it-yourself project. Nonetheless, you must recognize the basics to set the install; nowadays that is what we are teaching.

What you will need

The first thing we will need-to flourish in our project is planning, and also to be sure we have the proper materials to accomplish the task. Therefore, it’s proposed to leave the wood while in the room it will be installed in for about five days, and store at room-temperature. The explanation for that is so that the wood is likely to be offered the chance to acclimate to its future home. Next, it will be suggested, nonetheless, not necessary to have a nailgun, as this can greatly speed up installation. Lastly, make certain that you’ve a satisfactory subfloor. Generally, 3/4 inch plywood, or OSB board is preferred, nonetheless, 5/8 can be utilized. Several other items you will need certainly to complete the task really are a tape measure, drill, drill bits, hammer, and nails, pry bar, a table saw, not to mention the hardwood flooring.


Currently, here is where in actuality the fun begins, even as we now commence the installation. First, we’ll want to mark the area for the install. We will also have the area of the floor covered with 15 pound felt paper. Next, we are going to pre-drill the holes into the first and last boards, and can have the boards nailed in place. The holes should really be drilled 1/16″ and a 1″ in the grooved edge. Memory, one other boards can be nailed simply through the tongue.

Using a 3/4″, spacer across the wall start nailing the first board into place. Using the spacer will assure that you will have adequate room to install the base molding. Continue steadily to complete the rows, and install the remainder of the flooring, and please remember to keep that 3/4″ gap for your base molding. As soon as you arrive at the final row follow exactly the same steps as you did with all the first row, while you will pre-drill and nail the last row inplace. You’ll currently make use of the pry bar to tight, and close any gaps in the flooring that happened as part of the install. Currently, we are prepared to install the base molding, which will undoubtedly be nailed for the baseboard to not the floor or subfloor. Ultimately, congratulations come in order, when you are today the proud owner of the hardwood floor; your concern is done. I.e. carpet store allen tx.