What is a Neural Tumor?

Neural Stress Release (NSR) has been defined as a potential strategy which helps to heal the energy which helps to carry out the following functions, listed as follows:
1. Elimination of the obstacles.
2. Tapping of the optimistic affirmations.
3. Kinesiology.
4. Balancing as well as cleansing of chakra.
5. Synchronization of yin & yang.
6. Alterations of cellular memory.
7. Pessimist clearing of energy.

This has been considered as an essential technique & has been a highly recommended one by the analyzers & physicians all across the globe since it enhances the relief for a variety of conditions which is possible through the amalgamation of the different modulations that help to experience enough healing & these are categorized according to their types namely from contemporary to traditional. With the help of such combination of the modalities, NSR has been able to provide efficient healing as well as the perfect synchronization of the mind, body & soul. This type of technique has been a highly acclaimed one which provides beneficial relief which is suffered during the pain that is experienced during physical stress, depression & other associated ailments.

This type of technique is considered as a unique one & can be represented as a fundamental alternative for achieving healing & brings the unconscious mind to a superior level. This type of transformation that takes place in the cellular memory potentially treats the human body to regain back its energy & vitality. All such measures have been made possible due to the fact that NSR directly accesses the mid brain as well as the nervous system, thereby helps for the process of discharge & clearance of all the pessimist vibes which have been accumulated in the brain in a physical manner.

This type of procedure do not cause any kind of pain & so they are considered to be safe & secure & also are extremely influential & so these measures have gained limelight. Such type of measures of healing can be utilized by the people of all ages which include adults, children & this can also be tried on the animals. These methods have also been tried on the cancer patients & this has been immensely beneficial & this has also helped to relieve them from the stressful circumstances as well as the pain.

NSR enhances the following aspects:
1. A sharp & fresh memory.
2. A potential alteration from pessimism to optimism.
3. Eradication from all stresses, tension & worry.
4. Boosting the self-confidence & self-esteem.

The bladder is a muscular organ of the body which is a part of the
mid portion of the urinary tract. The function of the bladder is to
temporary store the urine. A bladder tumor is an excessive reproduction
of cells that line the bladder and mostly, bladder tumors are
noncancerous called papillomas, a wart like growth. Cancerous bladder
tumors spread through the bladder wall and into other organs via the
blood stream. Bladder tumor occurs:-
? Three times more common in men than in women.
? Bladder tumors are most common in white men who aged over 50 years.
? Less than 1% of cases of bladder cancer occur in people under 40 years old
? Bladder tumors are the second most common tumor that occurs in the reproductive and urinary tract.
? Tumors of the lining of the bladder cause about 4% of all cancers diagnosed in the United States.
? Bladder tumors can be cancerous or non-cancerous.

main causes of bladder tumor are the exposure to the carcinogenic
chemicals that causes cancer. This includes chemicals used in the rubber
and dye industries. Other factors responsible for the bladder tumors
are smoking cigarette, chronic urinary tract infections and
Schistosomiasis, a parasitic infection common in tropics.


common symptoms of bladder tumor are blood in the urine, a feeling that
you urgently need to pass the urine, back or abdominal pain and appetite
or weight loss.
A cancerous bladder tumor is most treatable when it
is caught early and fortunately, most bladder cancers are diagnosed
early on. Usually, a person with a cancerous bladder tumor has to go for
surgery to remove it, and it is necessary to remove part of the bladder
in some cases. Sometimes, it may be necessary to remove the whole
bladder if the cancer has deepened far into its walls. In such case,
surgery is needed to give way for the patient?s body to get rid of

is used in treating a malignant bladder tumor which involves in using
drugs to kill cancerous cells. Chemotherapy treatment may be used before
or after surgery. Depending on the particulars of the case,
immunotherapy may be an option which involves using biological therapy
to stimulate the body?s immune system response and encourage it to fight
the cancer. Radiation therapy is another possible treatment for bladder
cancer and for this treatment; radiation is aimed at cancerous bladder
tumors, either from a machine located outside the body or from a machine
that is actually placed within the bladder. In some cases, radiation
therapy is used to shrink a bladder tumor before surgery and making it
easier to extract. After surgery, radiation is used to destroy any
lingering cancer cells. Cystoscopy, it is about inspecting the bladder
with a lighted telescope-like instrument, and bladder biopsy remains the
primary diagnostic procedure.

tumor de vejiga, cancer de vejiga, cancer vejiga

The concept of Neural Therapy was first proposed in
1940’s by the Huneke brothers namely Ferdinand and Walter Huneke, who
were the citizens of Germany. Earlier called as Heilanasthesie or
Segmenttherapie (segmental therapy), Neural Therapy was mainly developed
to diagnose and treat the underlying cause of pain and illness, from
migraine to acute bowel syndrome. In short it is the system to identify
and cure those diseases which are difficult to treat or resistant to
treatment. Its success is based on anesthetic injections to clear
electro physiological instability causing problem every where in the

According to the neural therapy, trauma can cause acute
problems in the electrochemical functions of tissues. The various type
of tissues affected by trauma includes scars, nerves or the cluster of
nerves called ‘ganglions’. For the last seventy years the, Neural
Therapy has been used to treat of hundred of medical conditions. It is
especially beneficial for those who have failed to respond to
acupuncture, chiropractic or physical therapy. Neural therapy is also
recommended when surgery or nerve block treatment fails.

therapy has been ranked as the ‘alternative system of medicine’. It is
commonly used in the German speaking countries as well as the Spanish
speaking world, but the physicians in the western countries and United
States are still unfamiliar with Neural Therapy.

practitioners of the neural therapy begin their treatment by inquiring
about the current problem and about the past illness and injuries. They
try to detect the every possible reason that could the energy flow
disturbance in the body. Than they inject lidocaine and procaine at key
points that are actually far from the pain source. According to the
studies conducted in
these injections are meant to get rid of interference and restore the
body’s natural energy flow. The injections are injected into the scars,
glands, nerves, acupuncture points and trigger points.